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Insights to understanding the mental game of golf, with advice, tips, instruction and instant techniques you can apply to your game. From best selling author of Silent Mind Golf and two other books on the mental game. These are short reflections and instructions for golfers of all levels, from beginner to PGA Tour Pro
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show series The Awesome Eight Challenge was created by myself and a friend; in Part 1 last week, I spoke about the world's Coldest, Lowest and Toughest courses. This week we explore The Highest, The Hottest, The Most Southern, The Most Northern and The Greatest (which I got very wrong). Please sit back and en… In 2001 with a friend who was a professional adventurer, I set off to play the eight most extreme golf courses in the world in under one calendar year. Finally, after much research and planning, we were ready to go. So, in December 2001, we set off for North America to tick off the first three cou… When our game deserts us in the middle of a match it is rather like being in a skid in a car when whatever you do appears to make no difference. Why? Chances are you were not taught what to do and certainly never practiced what to do, the analogy is similar with golf - we need to BE PREPARED!! Lik… The notion of having a positive attitude is too simple a concept to be taken seriously. It sounds straight out of the Disney movie playbook. Yet research and studies have demonstrated that it does. On the golf course too many. p[layers are starting with a bad attitude and simply compounding the co… Too many golfers have rather dull, feeble and rather pointless practice swings. They've seen the pro's do it so think I'd better have a go at that. It's called a practice swing because that is exactly what it is - an opportunity to actually PRACTICE the shot you are about to take. Why waste this o… Blaming circumstances, the rules, our opponents, our star sign, or God, is not of any benefit to our being in the right space to play our best golf. Easy to do (which is why we do it so often) but in reality, it is a distraction that is negative and impedes up from playing our best golf.… With the Ryder Cup around the corner, how do we manage a strategy in match play to give up our best chance of playing our best golf? Sadly there is no go-to solution but from my experience, there are some personal strategies that I believe can be the difference that makes the difference when the g… Lack of preparation before we tee off is possible for the amateur golfer amongst the most common yet easily fixed problems I encounter. But who wants to warm up when there is golf to be played. If pilots, surgeons or actors went to their work with the same level of pre-performance preparation that… Sometimes we get emotional overload, not just when we are angry, but also when we try too hard or get down on ourselves over a poor shot, or when our game does not match our expectations. It does us no favours the idea that you play better when you are 'mad' is amongst the dumbest things some golf… I find there is ofter a huge amount of wisdom and instruction contained within a quotation. Today being the 40th Podcast I thought I would share a few of my favourite golf quotations. Though there are hundreds I have chosen these as they relate to our relationship with golf (or my relationship wit… We all know universally that a red light means Stop, Danger, Do Not Pass Go. It brings our attention to the fact that we need to be exercise caution. Equally, we know that 'getting the green light ' means Go, All is Safe, Proceed. In golf on the course, we need to make sure we are not making decis… Today I share the 5 questions I most commonly get asked when people discover I am involved in coaching and writing about the Mental Game of golf. Chances are if we met you may ask me one of the five, but if you didn't then you are welcome to send in a question to and I will an… Nerves we all get them, but how we manage them will determine how we deal with them. Too often players try to either ignore (bad option), think their way out of it (impossible) or simple beat themselves up for being "weak" - (dumb). This weeks episode is all about how to understand the function of… The single least utilised aspect of improvement is the lack of meaningful practice on the range. I imagine that on average 95% of people at the range are simply hitting balls in the hope that they hit a good shot. Usually without any clues as to why or how that happened :-)) Practising with intent… What is the X Factor that the very best golfers have, what is their secret sauce? Though they may differ in background, temperament and approach to the game, the one thing they all have in abundance is confidence in their ability to win. They believe. They believe that have what it takes, they bel… Pressure always needs an outlet or it will simply find a weak spot to burst through. This is basic science for materials but within the mental game to we need not only to manage the pressure but to find a method technique or fix to stop it building up to a point where it overwhelms. Today podcast … The notion that the mental game is a modern study is both erroneous and quite simply bonkers. However, very few players of the past wrote much or articulated their approach to the mental game. One who fortunately did is the 6-time Open Champion, Harry Vardon. One bit of his advice he shares I think is the single best tip f… Pressure in golf exists, but it is self-created and not in the least life-threatening. If it were life-threatening in the way that emergencies in skydiving are, especially when you are falling at 120 mph with a failed main parachute and 13 seconds left to live, then you make sure you do have Emerg… There is a paradox in golf that the less we try to control the swing, the process the actions surrounding the actual playing of the game, the better we often play. Too often we play at a level of Conscious Incompetance, rather than Unconscious Excellence. It is a rather elusive position but we reg… Technology has many benefits for the average golfer, but it is no substitute for confidence. How do you build confidence? Amongst many methods available, for golfers, I encourage improvisation and imagination. Think Jazz, think different think magic think outside the box, become the architect of y… Putting is an art a science and a bit of a mystery to most of us. We can one day play like an inspired wizard of the green, the next day like a beginner of a municipal pitch and putt course. IS there a secret? In truth probably not but there are factors we are often unaware of, that can help us. R… Being in the moment - stilling your mind of all thoughts - both negative and positive is the ideal state of mind. To function instinctively, intuitively and automatically without fear thought or worry. Is such a rare thing that no player can turn it on and off. When it happens it is almost by acci… Robin and David talk golf with analysis and discussion on what makes the 'greats' stand out from the others. What we can learn from them, whilst dispelling a few myths along the way. David began his career in golf on the European and South African Tours. He soon realized his interest was in the te… What is the difference that makes the difference, when it comes to those who win frequently and those equally gifted players who stumble, in the crucible of competition. Tom Watson famously said, "the person I most fear coming down the stretch is myself". This podcast looks at one unique quality w… Robin looks at the lack of meaningful focus as being a primary fault in the average golfer. What happens too often is we focus on where do not want the ball to go rather than where we do want the ball to go. It's not just a concept - it is scientifically demonstrable through neuroscience "We move … As a mental game researcher, author of three books and coach. When I meet golfers socially the most common question I get asked is "Can you give me a quick fix"? Everyone wants a tip or thought to help them experience instant improvement. If only it were that simple. However, in this week's podcas… Robin is in conversation with Paolo Quirici who turned professional and went onto the European PGA Tour in 1989 and remained a tour Pro for 12 years. A lifelong student of the game he has become a highly respected and in-demand teacher based at the Lugano Golf Academy. Robin and Paolo have spent m… It is amazing how many excuses golfers have come up with to explain why they are poor or even bad putters. This allows them to somehow let themselves off the hook when it comes to making real and lasting change and gives immediate steps we can take to improve our putting game.… Without a doubt, confidence and putting go hand in hand. You lose one and it's a sure bet you'll lose the other. Sadly too many golfers simply despair of ever getting better, they see a slump in their putting as evidence their game is in terminal decline. It's crazy!! Every golfer goes through a s… When we have a nightmare on the golf course and go from swinging the club to impersonating a lumberjack chopping wood, we know something has gone very wrong. But what can we do about it? Some players give up the game others battle on in ever-widening circles of despair. The key to dealing with thi… Do you practice? Really practice or simply go to the range to hit balls loosen up and see how far you can wallop your driver. Very very few golfers outside of the professional and elite amateur ranks practice with any sense of purpose. Ironically it is often detrimental to our improvement if we do…
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