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Inside Java

Inside Java

Chad Arimura, David Delabassee

Inside Java is a podcast for Java Developers brought to you directly from the people that make Java at Oracle. We'll discuss the language, the JVM, OpenJDK, platform security, innovation projects like Loom and Panama, and everything in between.
The Twilight Histories is a podcast that mixes your love of history, science fiction, fantasy and role playing into a fully soundscaped and immersive experience. You are a time traveler. Each episode, you will explore a new world. Some worlds are familiar. Others are totally exotic. An Egypt ravaged by an Ice Age. A Carthaginian colony on Mars. An Aztec empire cast under a spell of dark magic. So step on the platform… if you dare!
After 20 years together on Inside The NBA, Ernie Johnson and Charles Barkley still have a lot to talk about. The Steam Room podcast is the new platform for EJ, Chuck, and weekly guests to explore conversations beyond the world of basketball. Grab your bracelet and step into The Steam Room every Thursday… and please, remember to keep your towel on.
WRITE NOW is and Authors platform for budding, aspiring, and published writers and authors. This platform is for authors to encourage, empower, and equip, people around the world by sharing their stories. Steven King said, ‘Description begins in the writer’s imagination but should finish in the readers.’ You are here on Purpose with a Purpose by Design not by Default, and it is your time right now to share your story on… Write Now.
From The Shadows

From The Shadows

Shane Grove, The Barrister, Jason Lewis, Jerry Muniz, Ozark Howler

The From The Shadows Podcast is a program where we seriously discuss the supernatural, the paranormal, cryptozoology as well as ufology. Anything that cannot be rationally explained has a platform for discussion here on the From The Shadows Podcast.
CAREhER offers a community which empowers women leaders through learning and collective growth to foster and encourage inclusive leadership, sustainable business, and physical and mental wellness. We maximize their influence. CAREhER 提供一個親密且強韌的社群,我們通過群體學習成長賦予女性更多自主權,培養和鼓勵包容性的領導力、永續經營以及身心健康,擴增女性影響力。 Powered by Firstory Hosting
Weekly ecommerce CX and technology podcast hosted by two experienced digital consultants, featuring interviews with industry thought leaders and practical advice on improving end-to-end customer experience and understanding how to make better technology decisions. We provide the answers to help you get the most from your platform and technology stack. Our episodes will help you understand the ecommerce tech landscape, plan for revenue growth and deliver performance improvements. And they're fun!
Brian Barnett (@ribnax), Josh Mobley (@TheJawaJosh), and Chris Shriver (@SHRIVES93) review, critique, and discuss all things video games, movies, TV, and more... with the occasional tangent and rant 😁 Have questions, comments, concerns about the show? Or maybe you have a game that you're promoting that you'd like to have one of one hosts review? Send us a DM on Twitter @PlatformersPod, or an email to Don't forget, new episodes of The Platformers Podcast are a ...
The Krypt Fing

The Krypt Fing

Jew Crew Platform, in direct partnership with Chris Rock

I am going to find skills, to hack. Then find out who at snl who at snl has been stealing all my material, without paying me or giving me a job. Then, i am going to go travis binkel and murder that person. Was that clear enough for u
We are here to support every brother and sister out there that has a business and a platform but can’t share it because they are not famous or rich we support every black man and black woman rather you have a blue verification mark or not you need a platform To tell your story we are the platform
Disruption Nation provides a platform for entrepreneurs and others who have desires to be successful and refuse to live by the rules and abide by conventions. Host, Taylor Waidhofer, aims to give guests a platform from which they can share their success story, how they got there and the secrets that made them who they are today.
Depending who you ask, big tech is either going to save humanity or destroy us. Taylor Owen thinks it’s a little more complicated than that. Join him in conversation with leading thinkers as they make sense of a world transformed by technology.
The American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association (AREMA) is the leading professional association for railway engineers working together to further the development and advancement of both technical and practical knowledge in the railway industry. Come “roll with AREMA” as we chat with Members from every aspect of the Association. Each episode will contain entertaining and informative stories from our members about their time in the Association and how it has advanced their ...
Off The Platform

Off The Platform

Greg Turrell & Jackson Hinch

New Zealand Powerlifting podcast by two of New Zealand's biggest personalities in Powerlifting. Greg Turrell is the President of GPCNZ and Jackson Hinch is one half of the Wolfpack Strong, a premier strength coaching team offering world class coaching and events. Join them as they interview local and international guests including athletes, coaches, organisers and historical legends of the sport.
This Podcast will talk about application platforms and also who are the people that actually develop these platforms For IBM. We will explore what will come in the future, what are successful features of today and why Runtimes like CICS and IMS have been around for that long. We try to bridge the worlds of developers and system programmers by showing how to work together. We will also discuss application architectures and patterns to show how application platforms can actually support your d ...
An audio platform for the study of the pre-modern Islamic(ate) past and beyond. We interview academics, archivists and artists on their work for peers and junior students in the field. We aim to educate, inspire, perhaps infuriate, and on the way entertain a little too. Suitable also for general listeners with an interest in geographically diverse medieval history.
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Carter Morgan and Stephanie Wong host Shopify guests Camilo Lopez and Tai Dickerson this week. Shopify streamlines the online purchasing process so merchants and customers can transact with confidence. Camilo and Tai talk in-depth about Shopify’s tech stack and why the choices made are so important to performance. Shopify engineers use a combinatio…
【 英文訪談 】“As a small business owner, you have to stand up for your brand and really protect it.” Jungmin 身為 mom community 的一員,儘管看見韓國成熟發展的 K-beauty 產業,仍飛往新加坡、帶著 grit mentality 進入了必須重新認識的市場。在小規模的團隊資源中,不斷嘗試著推出新產品、說著一遍又一遍的品牌故事,建立與顧客之間的信任並有策略地運用了 PR, performace marketing 及 personal branding,讓大家認識她的品牌價值。 【內容重點】 Mompreneur 創立品牌的背後故事:be a role model 用真誠的 st…
In this episode, Brian Barnett, Joshua Mobley, and Chris Shriver are joined by Rebecca June Lane and Will Borger to talk about the Xbox acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Windjammers 2, and Resident Evil Village. Enjoy! This episode was streamed on & is archived on TOPICS & TIMESTAMPS: 2:47 - Xbo…
Chase Rushing has had sections in three of Brandon Negrete's most famous videos - Forever Now, The Meantime and Road To Nowhere. He was also a regular visitor to California and stayed with the likes of Carl Sturgess, Brandon Campbell and Aaron Feinberg. He basically lived every teenager skater's dream. Fast forward to 2022 and he has been involved …
In this episode we interview Sean McGinnis, President & Integrator at KURU Footwear, about the lessons learned managing a fast growth consumer brand and the technology helping to drive that grow. Sean talks about the use of Magento as their ecommerce platform, the challenges of fast growth including building a team, key marketing decisions and much…
In the first episode of the latest series of the Platform Podcast, Elle Tucker speaks to Candace Sogren, Vice President of Emerging Markets at Socure. She tells Elle more about Socure and her role, as well as what type of companies Socure supports with its data science driven approach to identity verification. In this fascinating conversation, Cand…
Christian Jacobi lead the development of the most recent IBM Telum Chip and tells us about the details and how the new facilities can be used by developers. This new Chip will offer the next generation of IBM Z AI acceleration directly available to each processor core and a new caching mechanism that again improves the performance of these high end…
Pamela Henkel and Yashica Mack first became acquainted while participating in Les Brown’s Power Voice System training program and Jon Talarico’s Thinking Into Results coaching program. During an interview, Pamela revealed to Yashica that she had a vision of a book that would change the world. Pamela stated that this book was placed in her heart, bu…
Think you need years of experience to join a committee or that you must be an engineer? Then this episode is for you. Host Walt Bleser sits down with Committee 24 Chair Ashley Pate, AVP Business Development Manager, TranSystems and Committee 15 Vice-Chair Ruth Brown, PE, Chief Engineer Bridges & Structures, Norfolk Southern Railway, two committee m…
For this episode I spoke to James Muldoon (@james_muldoon_), a researcher at Autonomy in the UK, senior lecturer at University of Exeter, and author of the book Platform Socialism , coming out with Pluto Press on January 20th. You may have seen that I also reviewed Platform Socialism on my site so check that out as well if you want to know more abo…
Introduction When you call a customer on the telephone to makes a sales pitch, you are essentially cold calling, and the customer is not likely to know what your call is about until you explain why you are calling. It is important to explain and ask for the customer’s permission to continue with your pitch, but also to present the information in su…
This podcast episode explains the new Board view feature in SharePoint online/Microsoft Lists. This Kanban like Board view allow users to work with list items in a board with swimlanes that represent their current progress. This view is ideal when users want to track items as they move forward in a process or workflow. This episode is also availabl…
This month we are looking at fall damage in games, and more specifically, how games let you avoid it. We looked at Just Cause 2, Breath of the Wild, Risk of Rain 2, Dark Souls III, and Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. 00:00:00: Start 00:00:05: Opening 00:05:58: Just Cause 2 00:14:08: Breath of the Wild 00:20:03: Risk of Rain 2 00:30:03: Dark Souls…
The COVID-19 pandemic changed all of this. It demonstrated that the very worst-case scenario, no matter how far-fetched, may indeed come to pass. Organizations must prepare beforehand to avoid unmitigated losses to business and severe disruptions. That’s why there is now a renewed interest in cloud disaster recovery solutions. From $5.1 billion in …
This week the boys are with #1 and also #2 Open Powerlifting version of Steve Johnson Aka the FORSAKEN WARRIOR. Whatever number you want to assign to this Steve in OP, we've got one of the OG's of the sport (in social media land at least)! Many of us meatheads have dreamed of living at the gym...come on, of course you have. Steve puts a whole new s…
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