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Award-winning columnist Dejan Kovacevic, a lifelong veteran of the Pittsburgh sports scene, delivers three 'Daily Shot' shows every weekday morning, one each covering the Steelers, Penguins and Pirates! Plus much more from the entire DK Pittsburgh Sports staff and the city's premier independent voices!
Market Vitals trading veterans Matt Davio @MissTrade and Robert Heffernan @HFRfromtheFloor bring their 60 plus years of experience trading everything from commodities and stocks to agricultural products and crypto. With an eye towards how popular trends show up in price discovery, they give an honest viewpoint from a profit and risk frame of reference. They also cover current topics from sports to music and many things pop culture inspired. At the end of the day your trading profitability de ...
Conan the Barbarian finds himself lusting after and fighting alongside the toughest woman alive, Valeria The Red, a beautiful pirate who out pirates the best of them in her strength and ferocity. This is one of the strangest stories ever written by Robert E. Howard — the tale of a barbarian adventurer, a woman pirate, and a weird enclosed and long dead city now inhabited by the most peculiar race of men ever spawned. Listen and be amazed at Howard's inventive genius. - Summary by phil Chenevert
Florida Man News

Florida Man News

Florida Podcast Network

The infamous “Florida Man” headline is no joke. Seriously, there are some dumb people living in the retirement capital of the U.S. Florida Man News is your source for breaking news of America’s favorite delinquent. Comedian Joel Lounds takes a satirical approach to some of the most ridiculous events that could only happen in the Sunshine State.
The Legendary Tales

The Legendary Tales

Myths, Legends, and Notorious People

Every week we take two legends in history, investigate what brought them to the public eye, and look at the sources that can verify, or disprove their existence. Our topics range from biographies of legendary people, to spells cast with a Unicorn horn. Adam is an American journalist who is new to the supernatural and Isadora is a History major from England who believes that without legends history would be very boring indeed!
Your Weird Aunts

Your Weird Aunts

Your Weird Aunts | The Geek Collective

Your Weird Aunts Podcast will provide you with the same strange loving care that only an eccentric auntie could provide. While some people have found it difficult to adjust to these trying times, we’ve been living reclusive and isolated lives for years and we’re here to help you through it. You probably feel you’ve watched and listened to everything there is to consume, that’s where we come in. Every episode we will watch a different hidden gem streaming has to offer and we’ll report back to ...
Ben-Hur is a story of two very different heroes. Judah Ben-Hur, a prince of Jerusalem, is involved in an accident to the Roman procurator which is taken to be intentional. He is seized and sent to the fleet as a galley-slave, while his family is imprisoned and the family goods confiscated. When Ben-Hur saves the fleet captain from drowning after his ship is sunk in a fight with pirates, that officer adopts him as son and heir. With Roman training, Ben-Hur distinguishes himself in the arena a ...
A Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast. 6 Nerds get together to play through "Autumn In The City", our recording of Waterdeep Dragon Heist published by Wizards Of The Coast. Join us as we traverse the streets of the city and get wrapped up in a plot that could endanger the entire city itself. Copywright The D&D Buffet 2021- Instagram - - Twitter - Website - - Contact -
HCTV ( offers an obscure glance at the world of film & telly. It's a place on the web that's been experimenting with different ways of making audiences laugh since 2007... And now, Roo & Will are talking bollocks on a podcast. ENJOY!
Think Stuff is a podcast is hosted by Tim and CJ, posted every weekend. On the podcast we cover the least interesting things that have happened in order to serve as your vital weekly round-up. Missed that economy crash somewhere down your street? You can catch the summary here, if you can wade through the rest of the topics including milk, the apocalypse, and domestic animals with strange features.
Misfits and Mysteries is a podcast hosted by two hilarious friends, Steve and Emmy, who love telling true (and allegedly true) stories about all things strange and supernatural. Like Bigfoot sightings, cryptids and Sasquatch-related political scandals? We got you. How about LSD dolphin experiments and talking mongooses? No problem. Celebrity encounters with extraterrestrial life and UFOs more your style? Comin' right up. Steve and Emmy also chat with exciting guests like paranormal experts, ...
This is a true account by American woman journalist who, in 1889, set out to see whether she could beat the fictional journey in Jules Verne’s 1873 novel, Around the World in Eighty Days. Wearing one dress and carrying one handbag, Elizabeth Cochrane Seaman (pen name “Nellie Bly”), reported her travels back to avid readers in America.
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On this episode, Matt Williamson goes into detail breaking down the Steelers wide receiver depth chart. Should they seek to trade a wide out to upgrade another position? If so, who? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit DKPS Podcast Network, Dejan Kovacevic
On this episode, Dale Lolley gives you his thoughts on the final practice before the Steelers first preseason game vs. the Seattle Seahawks and explains why this practice was more physical than a typical last practice before a game. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit DKPS Podcast Network, Dejan Kovacevic
@LennyDykstra shares warning shot as @MLB races heat up @hfrfromthefloor talks $BTCUSD weekly and shares grandpaisms $MSTR frothy @deanmartin is @Pirates $ZB_F Story can't be ignored if you trade Equities $DXY still leads this market $CMG overstuffed 🌯🌯By Market Vitals
On this episode, Ramon Foster and Eddie Provident discuss what players have to do to get ready for life after football and how difficult the transition can be. Saturday is the first preseason game for the Steelers, what's Ramon looking forward to the most? Today's 'HEY 'MON!' is all about the technology of football and how the digital age of video …
$DXY holds all the power @aidanhutch97 makes @Lions great again "Billie Jean" @hfrfromthefloor says check your monthlies @elonmusk has mouths to feed $7billion more $TSLA sales $F makes EV's $LE spreads $CMG flying burritos @MarinersBy Market Vitals
On this episode Dale Lolley asks why people still wondering if Mitch Trubisky is the Steelers' starter? Also. George Pickens for Offensive Rookie of the Year? Why not? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit DKPS Podcast Network, Dejan Kovacevic
On this episode, Ramon Foster and Eddie Provident discuss Mitch Trubisky turn around in play and why his legs are just as important as his arm, Connor Heyward's surprising athleticism and ability to be a threat in the offense, and today's 'HEY 'MON!' is all about Tomlin-isms and 'Mon-isms. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit…
On this episode, Matt Williamson goes into detail breaking down the Steelers running back depth chart. Will Najee Harris see a reduced workload this season? Also, who's behind him if he happens to go down? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit DKPS Podcast Network, Dejan Kovacevic
On this episode Dale Lolley discusses Mitch Trubisky's recent improved play and what it means for the Steelers offense and what Roger Goodell had to say on the Deshaun Watson suspension. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit DKPS Podcast Network, Dejan Kovacevic
$AAPL Iphone 14 pffffft , but Cars back on drawing board? Car play @hfrfromthefloor memorializes Motown Great and talks sector index spreading @CMEGroup $PFE makes everything on TV how's the price look? @andrewcuomo deleted elite ?s DOJ goods $LE $LBS $ES…
On this episode, Ramon Foster and Eddie Provident revisit that conversation from yesterday about the offensive line in light of their Monday success. Is Kendrick Green a big reason for it? Since the defense took the 'L' on Monday what do they need to do to have a bounce back day on Tuesday. And today's 'HEY 'MON!' question is all about the bug meet…
Jarrod Prugar and Cory Giger discuss the bad luck those in the Pirates'.organization have faced this season. They also talk about why the Altoona Curve have underperformed this season. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit DKPS Podcast Network, Dejan Kovacevic
HOUR 2: The hype train for Mac Jones in year 2 is coming to a halt. Andy Hart says Mac Jones is out there looking like Tim Tebow. The Julian Edelman Hardo Scale is back and Jets HC Robert Saleh is the subject. Andrew Raycroft joins us to react to the Bruins officially bringing back Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci…
90% stocks over 15dma, 4th time in 2022 and More Indicators @hfrfromthefloor shares mixed signals in $ZB_F $ZN_F @CMEGroup comes w 6 new sector based index futures $XAF_F financials starting Fat @CFBPlayoff coaches poll, rich get richer even w NILs @NFLBy Market Vitals
HOUR 1: It was a tough weekend and especially Sunday for Jarren Duran in the outfield. Lou Merloni says everyone in Red Sox nation is pissed at Chaim Bloom but no one may be more mad than John Henry, who paying the luxury tax for a last place team. Dennis Eckersley has announced 2022 will be his last season as a baseball analyst. Plus, Andy Hart an…
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