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John Hodgman's Today in the Past podcast is now The Judge John Hodgman Podcast. Have your pressing issues decided by Famous Minor Television Personality John Hodgman, Certified Judge. If you'd like John Hodgman to solve your pressing issue, simply email it, along with your phone number, to THAT IS ALL.
In "The Show Before the Show," writers Tyler Maun and Sam Dykstra break down Minor League Baseball's biggest storylines with guests from around the Minors including players, managers and player development experts. They'll also have a weekly look at what's going on outside the lines with business of the Minors expert Benjamin Hill.
On The Verge is focused on the Baltimore Orioles, and the Orioles Minor League system. The show is hosted by Bob Phelan, Zach Spedden, and Nick Stevens. The trio give their thoughts on the prospects ascending the ranks. The show is a part of Baltimore Sports and Life (BSL). Show Twitter: BSLOnTheVerge
Life-Study of the Bible with Witness Lee is a 30-minute radio broadcast composed of excerpts from Witness Lee's spoken ministry that focuses on the enjoyment of the divine life as revealed in the Scriptures. The ministry portions are followed by a discussion of the portion presented, including questions and answers.
Hi, I'm Paul. This is my podcast where I teach people about productivity, business and self-improvement. I'm completely obsessed with productivity, automation, optimising my time and income so I can live on my terms. I now earn a living as a “virtual consultant” and love sharing what I've learned about how to grow successful and productive businesses. Enjoy the show!
Looking to quickly get up to speed on all the top MLB prospects in the minors? Not to worry, the Prospects Live Podcast station has you covered. Featuring some of the top Minor League writers, experts, and scouts in the hardball industry, Prospects Live gets you updated with straight to the point talk. With a rotating cast of industry stalwarts, the PL pod is your hub for everything Minor League baseball related, ranging from dynasty advice to live looks to system scrums.
Welcome to Bible Fiber where we are encountering the textures and shades of the prophetic tapestry in a year-long study of the twelve minor prophets. I am Shelley Neese, president of The Jerusalem Connection, a Christian organization devoted to sharing the story of the people of Israel, both ancient and modern. Join us as we read one minor prophet a month!
Hosted by David Oaks, of WorldStage Development. Minor Touches To Major Gifts is a discussion of how paying attention to minor touches leads to major gifts for your nonprofit. David and his guests wrestle with such topics as how to say 'thank-you' with excellence; How that with major gifts, major people & major opportunities: YOU GOTTA ASK! How that most million dollar gifts are preceded by one-hundred dollar test gifts; What is the ONE thing you you want to try to get a first time donor to ...
Minor League Madness is a podcast that is dedicated to the players and stories of hockey's primary professional affiliate leagues: The American Hockey League and the ECHL. We have engaging conversations with past and current pros from all eras of the game. We take a deep dive into their playing careers and share more than a few laughs along the way!
Join the RELEVANT team as they tackle the intersection of faith and culture like no one else — all with a hilarious twist! In addition to the week's news and randomness, Cameron Strang, Jesse Carey, Jamie Ivey, Derek Minor and Tyler Huckabee are joined by thought-provoking leaders, influencers, and artists you don't want to miss.
Danny Fantom and Kris Minor are the Stepbrothers coming from Self Conscious Music discussing music, movies, anime, current events and anything in between. Giving you a weekly dose of hot takes and hilarious stories bringing swagger and raw energy See for privacy and opt-out information.
Ashley, Luke, and Molly take a little trip out to a cozy little town where things are a bit different, and that’s the way they like it, baby! Or maybe they don’t, you’ll just have to listen to find out, I guess. Go on. I’m waiting. Once a Podcast Simply Called: Kamen Repriser Fourze From the Hosts that Brought you: The Loveliest Reprise of All You May Remember this Podcast as: The Reprisoner Formerly Known as: Life is a Repriseway Previously: Reprise Kids Based on the original podcast idea: ...
Black N' Gold Hockey Podcast

Black N' Gold Hockey Podcast

Host Mark Allred sits down weekly to discuss everything Boston Bruins and minor-pro affiliates. If you're a fan of the Black N' Gold Please follow @BlackNGoldPod and Subscribe! Go B's!!

Podcast by Host Mark Allred sits down weekly to discuss everything Boston Bruins and minor-pro affiliates. If you're a fan of the Black N' Gold Please follow @BlackNGoldPod and Subscribe! Go B's!!
Thanks for dropping by! my name is Dietrich Dash. Here, you can find me discussing a variety of topics- from video games, to movies, all the way to books and pop culture. *warning* I see cannabis as medicine, and am a medical patient for an acquired brain injury, depression, and a mood disorder. I love proving that these minor glitches cannot stop me- nothing is impossible. I also talk about success stories, most being underdog stories. Best wishes!
Tiny Victories

Tiny Victories

Annabelle Gurwitch, Laura House, Maximum Fun

Tiny Victories is the 15 minute podcast that pushes back on the notion that you have to "go big" or "go home". Sometimes just going is the victory. Each week, hosts Annabelle Gurwitch and Laura House invite listeners to adopt a TINY victory frame of mind, and share tales of fleeting joys and minor accomplishments in this majorly messed-up world.
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What you will learn in this episode: There is one question that more of us would ask than any other question: What's my purpose here? From the beginning of our history, humankind has been grappling with the age-old questions: Why am I here? What is the reason for my existence? What is the meaning of my life? Is there a reason for my presence in the…
The gang is partially here this week, but that allows us to welcome back SuperSub James Grossi (@grawsee) to the show to discuss some #CanPL updates, #CanMNT games in Edmonton, #CanWNT games in Ottawa and Montreal, talk a little FIFA madness, recap the sadness of #TFClive, talk some salaries, give our guest the floor and the usual malarkey. In this…
On September 2, 2003, 16-year-old Sarah Marie Johnson shot and killed her parents Alan and Diane, in Bellevue, Idaho. Sponsored by Canva! Visit and use code 'warbaby' for a free 45 day extended trial! Brought to you by Best Fiends! Music: We Talk of Dreams…
This episode, we recap our weekend performing and doing photos with Jessimae Peluso, at Punch Line Sacramento; and a drunk lady that loved us got kicked out of the show. Enjoy! Follow us on social media! & Venmo us a donation, if you enjoy the show! Instagram: @secretminorities Twitter: @secretminority -Nick Larson: IG: @nicklarsoncomedy Twitter: @…
Zach, Nick, and Bob discuss the latest news about living conditions for minor leaguers, the Orioles fall instructional roster, and the arbitration estimates recently released by MLB Trade Rumors. After that they review their mid-season predictions from July before braving the embarrassment once again and making predictions for what will happen with…
Decision Making Welcome to the Autumn Season and all the wonderful colors that magically appear. Today’s podcast is on making decisions and staying happy. Mini Miracles from Minor Moments... Linda Gullo of Delight in Living, Ltd. is there for you to make your life easier. Check us out at our Mini Miracles Podcast or Linda's blog.…
Welcome back to the Minority Money Podcast and just like what we’ve been doing for the last five weeks, we will be continuing the Steps of Financial Planning series. Today we are on step six and joined by my good friend Shawn Tydlaska. Shawn is the co-founder of the my BLX program and also runs his own firm, Ballast Point Financial Planning. He’s h…
My opinion of social media apps has changed in the last few years. Like a lot of people, I got on Facebook and Twitter around 2007 and I joined Instagram pretty early in 2010. And it’s interesting to have watched public opinion towards apps like Facebook change over the last decade. Facebook used to be liked and enjoyed by almost everyone. Now, mor…
On today's episode we give a non-spoiler review for the final installment into Daniel Craig's 007 franchise! After a spoiler warning we dive into some of the specifics about what worked and what didn't. Bonus: listen to Kolby Mac's thoughts on Squid Games and Raul's brief thoughts on watching Bridgerton. Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Google P…
In this episode I will recap the game that occurred on Sunday, October 2nd, 2021 and then do a review of the top 80 prospects. Sacramento won 5-1 against Albuquerque at home. Top 80 List: SS Marco Luciano - 60 OF Luis Matos - 55 LHP Kyle Harrison - 50 RHP Will Bednar OF Jairo Pomares OF Heliot Ramos - 45 C Patrick Bailey LHP Matt Mikulski C Joey Ba…
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