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Best Metal Podcasts We Could Find
Best Metal Podcasts We Could Find
Podcasts about metal rock music that are perfect for all metalheads, headbangers, moshers and thrashers. Get the latest news, interviews, reviews and discussions from these podcasts about your favorite heavy metal bands ranging from classics like Metallica, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin to Avenged Sevenfold, Slipknot, Mastodon and more.

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Clint and Ethan are two professional musicians and songwriters based in Nashville, TN. Ethan is a Grammy nominated guitarist and drummer (Kings of Leon, Relient K, The OC Supertones, Demon Hunter) and Clint is a world touring guitarist (Rodney Atkins, Bob Schneider, Mindy Smith, Jessie Baylin) and songwriter (Rough Trade Publishing). From all over the world on tour or at their respective studios in Nashville, ride the lightning with them on weekly episodes as they explore all things METALLICA.
Your favourite rock & metal podcast bringing you all the latest news, opinions, honest reviews and laughs every Friday. 100% passion, 100% honesty, 100% of the time. Join us. @notmetalpod on Twitter & Instagram. Come join the discussion with a likeminded community of music fans on the That's Not Metal Facebook Focus Group
Focus on Metal

Focus on Metal

Dario, Scott, Julien, Richie

Since 2010 Focus on Metal has been a premier global metal crazed netcast featuring dedicated and knowledgeable fans with years of radio experience. This show features interviews with metal's most important personalities, the latest metal headlines, captivating topics, great music, reviews of the latest releases and plenty of segments from contributing metalheads. The weekly(ish) show you've all been waiting for is just a click away. We Focus on Metal. Everything else is insignificant.
Join Lauz for your weekly dose of LOUD! Two hours of power on the airwaves, ranging from hard and heavy rock n roll, through each sub genre on the heavy metal family tree. Expect some classics and some new discoveries, from here and from far, far away. Time to tear it up, legends!
Trasa 66 is a Polish radio show (broadcast on Radio Kampus in Warsaw, every Monday, 11:00 PM (CET)), where you can hear all the latest metal bands from different metal genres (metal, metalcore, post-metal, nu-metal, djent, hardcore, mathcore, experimental, progressive, industrial). Variety is the goal. So if you're a tolerant and open minded person, not sticking to one genre, tune in!
Musician, former television host, and podcaster Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed, Kingdom of Sorrow, Jasta and the former host of MTV's Headbanger's Ball) interviews your heroes every Monday and Thursday. The newest 15 episodes are always free, but if you want access to all the archives, watch live, chat live, access to the forums, and get the show a week before it comes out everywhere else - you can subscribe now at and use the code JASTA to save 15% on the entire network.
The CMS Network

The CMS Network

The CMS Podcast Network

Become a Paid Subscriber: 9 Great Shows - 1 Great Podcast! The Classic Metal Show Chris Akin Presents Aftershocks TV Poppitt's Corner Talking Into Infinity: A Dream Theater Podcast Live And Loud With The Lord Good Company With Scott Bowling The Seth Williams Show w/Mike Cheselka Today's Boondoggle Get the video portions of all our shows at
Relics Radio is a podcast that is live every Thursday at 8:00 pm Eastern with DK of Adventures In Dirt, and Tony of 5280 Adventures discussing various types of Treasure Hunting. Check out our new episodes for special guests as we discuss techniques, finding sites, detectors, and all things related to treasure hunting, metal detecting and relic hunting. The call-in number to the show is 270-495-0315.
In the world of music podcasting, there are basically two categories - podcasts by fans, and podcasts by famed musicians that have reached the pinnacle of success. Somewhere in the middle of that is the Talk Toomey podcast. Hosted by Joshua Toomey, who previously was a member of national recording artists Primer 55, Talk Toomey avoids the pitfalls of fandom and the backslapping glad handing that comes from successful bands shamelessly talking to each other. Instead, you get focused, powerful ...
One of the longest running podcasts. We talk about hard rock and metal. Hosted and produced by Mark Strigl. Guests have included members of Motley Crue, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Slayer, Exodus, System Of A Down, Motorhead, Kiss, Megadeth, Korn and many more. Established in 2005 by Mark Strigl and John "Ostronomy" Ostrosky. Please visit for more info. Bonus content by Mark Strigl is available on Patreon.
Full Metal Hipster offers up the best music and interviews from bands you're not cool enough to have heard of yet. If you dig black metal, doom metal, thrash metal, power metal, death metal, or any other variety of extreme music, this is the podcast for you. I always like the demo better.
Blenderstyle is the show where we discuss an extreme blend of music. We do album reviews for a wide range of genres including. Death Metal, Black Metal, Thrash Metal, Pop Punk, Groove Metal, Grindcore, Folk Metal, Power Metal, Baroque Pop, Doom Metal, World Music, Worldbeat, and more!
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Transition Metals CEO Scott McLean joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share his congratulations to its spin-out company SPC Nickel. SPC was born from Transition Metals who owns 9.3 million shares. McLean telling Proactive the company is very happy with the recent success of SPC Nickel including the intersection of 143 metres of disseminated min…
Singer-songwriter, comedian, writer (MST3K), and one of my favorite podcast folks (Round Springfield) Allie Goertz is on to talk about her Nine Inch Nails covers album Peeled Back. We talk about her showing her mom her cover of "Closer," her head-first dive into the deep end of NIN, choosing the songs to cover, The Simpsons, potential future things…
RAM is no stranger to the idea of the "house show". We've littered our "Metal Fix" with our experiences. But for the uninitiated, a house show is just as it sounds. A gig in someone's house, generally the basement, as opposed to a club or small hall. And they're always a lot of fun! We have another one coming up (on 4/20 even!!) So we figured it wo…
Ep 155 PREVIEW: Metal 2 The Masses Merseyside Heat #1Friday 31st Zanzibar Liverpool 7pmTickets: Kettle: Henchmen: https://open…
Archspire - A.U.M.;Archspire - Drone Corpse Aviator;Benighted - Muzzle;August Burns Red - The Abyss;Thy Art Is Murder - Until There Is No Longer;The Dillinger Escape Plan - The Threat Posed by Nuclear Weapons;Pupil Slicer - Mirrors Are More Fun Than Television;Russian Circles - Conduit;Cult Of Luna - What I Leave Behind;Hermopolis - The Pontic Wind…
174... RE4.... DIABLO 4?.... IT'S ALL CONNECTED, THEY'VE BEEN LYING TO US ALL! WAIT, LET ME GO.... UGH..... NOOOOooooo...... Join the crew as we talk about Resident Evil 4 Remake, Diablo 4 open beta, and Micah's Listener club music playlist Check out Micah's Playlist: Chec…
Morning Musume Sakuragumi|Sakura Mankai。 Gojira|Amazonia。 C-ute|Sakura Chirari。 SatanaKozel|Banya。 Shonen Knife|Nice Day。 Obituary|The Wrong Time。 Anyone Brothers Band|Obama Is Beautiful World。 The Mighty Mighty Bosstones|Issachar。 Riho Sayashi|Stupid。 。。。。jpopvsmetal.comBy
Clint and Ethan sit down in Phoenix, AZ to answer all your questions about life on the road. The length of tour, missing our families, gear, shows, cities, mental name it. Thanks to all our Patrons who sent in questions. We'll get to the rest from the socials on a future episode! Cheers! New merch HERE! If you think Metal Up Your Podca…
The Metal Geeks crew join forces once again to geek out! We discuss the Oscars and our predictions, Thulcandra, Wolfheart, Obscura and Fleshgod Apocalypse concert, Hell’s Heroes, Hogwarts Legacy, Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon, Diablo 4, The Mandalorian, Cocaine Bear, Scream VI, All Quiet on the Western Front, 65, Star Wars Jedi: Batt…
The Metal Geeks crew join forces once again to geek out! We discuss the Oscars and our predictions, Thulcandra, Wolfheart, Obscura and Fleshgod Apocalypse concert, Hell's Heroes, Hogwarts Legacy, Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon, Diablo 4, The Mandalorian, Cocaine Bear, Scream VI, All Quiet on the Western Front, 65, Star Wars Jedi: Batt…
The State of Unrest Tour with Lamb of God and Kreator finally gets done and dusted, as well as an arena show for Beartooth and a 40th anniversary blast for W.A.S.P., hip-hop delivers two very different takes on heavy metal, and we talk the worst festivals we've been to. Releases: Night Demon - Outsider Kruelty - Untopia Skourge - Torrential Torment…
“If you let it go long enough, it’ll get there eventually…” Since this episode is focused on SLAYER COVERS, we decided to reference: covers OF other artists as performed BY Slayer As well as… covers OF Slayer as performed BY other artists. That way, it’s understood that “SLAYER COVERS” refers to bolth scenarios above. To paraphrase a Van Halen refe…
On this episode of SKULLSESSIONS SALUTE, Matt chats with SOUND BARRIER vocalist Bernie K. and WARRIOR and INSIDE METAL SERIES co-producer Joe Floyd as they give their tributes to the late-great Bob Nalbandian --- Send in a voice message:
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