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Girl 100

Girl 100

Ligaya Thompson & Jennifer Hawley

Whether you’re a mother, teacher, doctor, or student; women are powerful influencers for themselves, their friends, strangers, coworkers, and the people around them. All women have an energy, optimism, and joy that continues to play a positive effect on the people in their lives. Today is the day to look inside yourself and break your personal and professional boundaries. Let us all be the strong women who empower women. Welcome to Girl 100, a podcast dedicated to helping you create an impac ...
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After so many fun and interesting discussions, we have finally arrived at the final episode of the season. And Ligaya Thompson and Jennifer Hawley are taking you along with it! In today’s special show, they host a Q&A session where they gather some of the things you’re curious about and offer their best insights and advice. What would they rather d…
Mental health affects how you cope with life. If you neglect your mental health, it can lead to negative emotions that can make your job performance and family life suffer. In this episode, Ligaya Thompson and Jennifer Hawley give valuable tips and strategies on how to keep yourself mentally healthy. Breathing exercises, positive affirmation, and m…
Living a healthy lifestyle not only improves your physical health, but it also nourishes your mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. In this episode, Ligaya Thompson and Jennifer Hawley discuss the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. You'll learn about the perks of going on a vegetarian diet, why physical exercise makes you happy, and why …
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