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In this podiobook: When Teddy Kagan finds a pure red heifer (heifer: a young, virgin cow) on the Florida ranch of a TV evangelist, he knows - because he knows Scripture and biblical prophesy - that he has discovered the first step in a plot to speed up the bloody End of Days and the Second Coming of Christ - a plot which could lead to a nuclear Holy War.And it's Teddy's job to stop it from happening.Fantasy? Not exactly. The plot is actually under way."The Tenth Cow", the third podcast novel ...
Sadly, most of us are living with an elementary school level of Judaism. Many of us do not know what exactly being Jewish means or how Judaism impacts our lives on a daily basis. It is with this in mind that I began to teach others about the beauty and depth of Torah, of G-d’s infinite wisdom.
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Audio, eng_t_rav_2022-09-25_program_duhovnie-sostoyania_molitva_n99. Video_program_chapter :: Video_program. Spiritual States with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman
Audio, rus_o_rav_2022-09-25_program_duhovnie-sostoyania_molitva_n99. Video_program_chapter :: Video_program. Духовные состояния (полные передачи)
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