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David Gardner, co-founder of The Motley Fool, is among the most respected and trusted sources on investing. As a best-selling author, hugely successful stock picker, and financial authority, David has led The Motley Fool’s growth into a worldwide investment and financial advisory services company. Each week David shares his insights into today's most innovative and disruptive publicly traded companies -- and how to profit from them by following his signature “Rule Breaker Investing” principles.
Welcome to the Roob Empire, where the taxes are voluntary, the people are free and we serve freshly roasted #liberallogic every week.. The Magnanimous #2Kings, The Mad Scientist Matt and The Stwrong1 Ray invite you to become a citizen and enjoy the benefits of their boundless wisdom. What they say may seem like foolishness at first, but if you really think about it, it just might be plausible.
Have you ever been told: “You should get a more sensible career"? On this show, we speak with the people who ignored that advice to become the trailblazers, leading lights, and entrepreneurs of Asia's creative industries. From Singapore to Seoul, Taipei to Tokyo, Mumbai to Manila, these creators and artists tell us how they paved their own path and dealt with the unexpected challenges and unmitigated failures along the way, as they built a unique and singular foolish career.
Have you ever gotten tired of all of the foolishness and religious rules that bad religion inevitably adds to New Testament Christianity? If so, this is the podcast for you. Spotting bad religion, practicing the presence of God, New Testament Christianity, relationship not religion, love instead of rules, realizing who God made you to be, being the person God made you to be, tolerance, acceptance, love, enlightened, the keys of Christianity, open-minded, unlocking the power of God inside of you,
Perez Ramirez and Eric Perez, two guys from Chicago, host this unofficial podcast dedicated to reviewing and critiquing every episode of the animated series Samurai Jack. They cover each episode one by one, covering multiple topics related to Samurai Jack (and even some that aren't) showcasing how this series has become a cultural phenomenon. Music provided by Municipal Vice and Images provided by Victoria Alejandra Micro Studio Feel free to reach out to us at
The Foolish Adventure Show, hosted by Tim Conley, has been listened to by millions of people around the world and helped many of them start and succeed in business. Even though the show has ended, it is still helping thousands each week to gain control of their Time, Income and Mobility. Enjoy all 4 Foolish seasons of the show.
Welcome to Miles from Main Street – Your Far from Disney Podcast! Join Mykhailo and Bryan, Disney Enthusiasts from the Midwest that are missing Disney and finding ways to deal with it. Cruise along the Rivers of (Midwest) America weekly and hear how we cope with missing Walt Disney World. Every Monday we'll help you stay connected to Disney. Be it through personal stories, trip reports or activities at home, we'll find ways to help you handle your Disney withdrawal. We’re missing the magic a ...
Solo DnD adventures of the brave and the foolish. New episodes twice a month. Due to language, cartoon violence, and mild peril, Rollin Solo is NSFW. Unless you have a super chill workplace. I don't claim to know your story. Theme song is Adventure Meme by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
It is human nature to interact with one another. In fact, we have been created for such. In the fast paced world of today; where do we find Truth, Meaning, and Purpose? Foolishness exists to bring to light the lives of many and the faith they have as living letters to be read by all, aiming to win some. As a teen Brian Sumner transplanted from Liverpool, England to Huntington Beach, CA to pursue a career as professional skateboarder. Little did he know that his life would be radically transf ...
Your destination for talks given at events hosted by Mockingbird (, both present and past. Subjects run the gamut from religion and theology to psychology and literature to pop culture and relationships and everything in between. Humor and grace abound.
Foolish the Podcast

Foolish the Podcast

Bill Chamberlain & Chuck Smith

The name says it all. Chuck and Bill are morons. However, they are also morons trying to make you laugh with improv, characters, the occasional sketch, and general unadulterated foolishness. Feel free to email us at and ask us something dumb. At this point, your email WILL be read on the show.
Lack of knowledge meets the soccer pitch as these half educated hosts discuss all the happenings with Atlanta United FC. Soccer in Atlanta is roudy and proud, and this fireside chat should make you laugh while hearing some updates and foolish conversations about the club. Find us on Youtube
Cheeze Pleeze is a weekly half hour comedy radio program, highlighting the worst music in the funniest way. Hosted by Snarfdude and Daffodil, their weekly shenanigans can often put them almost anywhere, and the music they play really does bring you the wacky, warped and weird every week. With radio magic often referred to as "Theatre of the Mind", their adventures have taken them to outer space, the north pole and even the local mall. They've gone from living in a van to a bunker, but do get ...
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Pastor Shawn Mandoli shares his Journey of redemption, as God meets Him as his skate career takes off, only to see Him step into his call, find favor, a future, a wife, family, and even plant a church with a heart for downtown LA. Go to to support. Lets Connect https://www.facebook…
Hello! How are you dear Wanderers? We sincerely hope that you are doing well! Welcome to another Foolish Wanderers Podcast that is in our humble opinion the "Bee's Knees!" Today were talking about some of the strangest ways people hid, moved and still secretly obtained libations during Prohibition in the U.S. ! Timestamps! 00:00 Strange Workarounds…
We know we are no longer innocent until proven guilty, but now, it seems, that even if they can't prove you guilty in court, you are still guilty. Despite the facts. Facts don't care about your feelings, but conversely, feelings don't care about your facts. Support the stream: Continue the Discussion …
Daniel D talks about random foolishness this week. There's social media, the anti-social media on cable news channels, Biden, Trump, vaccine mandates, and the crazy "team sports" mentality in politics, with Team Blue and Team Red taking turns doing stupid shit, and their fans taking turns justifying their own team's hypocrisy. This episode is just …
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