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The Hangout spot for the professional hobbyist in you. This podcast is hosted by Mark Fig, from the Instagram and Youtube account MenWhoBullet, and will cover topics spanning bullet journaling, social media, and other interests from guests who also consider themselves serial hobbyists. Connect with The Hobbyist Hangout Instagram: Twitter: Website: Email: HobbyistHangout@gmail.c ...
FIG & LOCK TALK is back, but we're coming to you from the East and Hawaiian costs. "Life Happens" to each of us and Fig and Lock are no different. After a long hiatus due to major life changes and moves, Fig and Lock are using Zoom to reconnect and discuss issues that impact them as family men. This new format is tighter than before, with only 30 min, and talking about important life lessons and issues.
Are you ready for some thoughtful discussions about how to meet and exceed the rigors of today's retirement industry? Join host Tom Lamendola, Director of Marketing for Financial Independence Group, for a deep dive into the demands of today's retirement industry. Each episode, Tom will lead a thoughtful discussion with leaders in the financial arena to create a unique show that's designed to serve both financial professionals and everyday investors. Financial Independence Group (FIG) has bee ...
A weekly podcast deadicated to all things grateful. The Help on the Way Podcast is a spin-off of the long running reddit series. Each week our hosts, thegame, fig, and knob, listen to Grateful Dead show and discuss it. These shows are chosen at random, and span from the most primal of primal dead to the MIDI-filled 90s. Paradise waits...
The Box Seats Sports/Comedy Talk Show is a comedy show with comedians who talk sports! Hosted by Frank Nitti with comedians Talent and Fig (both of HBO's Def Comedy Jam fame), the show also features a report from comedian Rodney Perry (Coming 2 America), that you will eith agree with or disagree with! A sports-comedy show that will definitely remind you of all of the talk in the barbershop!
Fig Tree Podcast

Fig Tree Podcast

Monroe “RoExodus” Drane

Hello everyone and welcome to the Fig Tree Podcast. Here you will receive inspiration, encouragement and spiritual motivation to sustain and maintain a good life and get closer to the Heavenly Father. Here the aim is to bare fruit that will fulfilling to the spirit. So let's share this journey together as we learn and grow!! Support this podcast:
A series of interviews with California Fig lovers – from growers to chefs to retailers to dietitians – celebrating the quality, nutrients, and benefits of California grown figs. This series covers everything from sustainable growing practices and health benefits of California Figs to the many uses of California Figs, including many great snack and meal ideas. After listening, you will be hungry and informed!
We interview and study famous financial billionaires including Warren Buffett, Ray Dalio, and Howard Marks, and teach you what we learn and how you can apply their investment strategies in the stock market. We Study Billionaires is the largest stock investing podcast show in the world with 95,000,000+ downloads.
Create a cozy, comfortable home on a budget! * Do you spend hours on Pinterest pinning beautiful images? * Do you go over to a friend’s house and have decor envy? * Do you wonder where to start when it comes to decorating your house? * Are you frustrated every time you walk into your house because you haven’t taken any action on decor? * Do you wish you could create a cozy home on a budget? Friend, I’ve been there... This podcast inspires REAL moms with REAL homes and REAL budgets to transfo ...
Welcome to the Suburban Kings podcast, where funny is only a joke away. Through the trials and tribulations of life, we learn how to adapt in a society where 20somethings are barely keeping their heads above water. Deji, Austin, Charles, and Rachel figure out new and inventive ways to survive and thrive. Through sharing their stories with one another and special guests, they are sure to figure out this thing called life.
Episodic interviews with anyone and everyone from the world of wrestling figures including collectors, customizers, photographers, fig fed'ers, sellers and more! Please send me your questions and comments: or email them to me directly at Also, be sure to follow me on twitter at @AChairShot to interact with me directly and to stay in the loop for some cool upcoming giveaways! #WrestlingFigureCommunity #FigLife
“Mad Money” takes viewers inside the mind of one of Wall Street’s most respected and successful money managers for free. Cramer is listeners’ personal guide through the confusing jungle of Wall Street investing, navigating through opportunities and pitfalls with one goal in mind—to help you make money. “Mad Money” features the unmatched, fiery opinions of Jim Cramer and the popular Lightning Round, in which he gives his buy, sell and hold opinions on stocks to callers.
Craft an Escape

Craft an Escape

Figs and Asters Resin LLC

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up so diving deeper into personal growth one craft at a time to figure it out! Here I will be talking about personal growth, learning through trial & error with a new small business journey, experiences and of course various arts and crafts. Come join me as I fumble my way through!
The Advisor Development Show is a digital mastermind network for the best financial professionals across the country. Join your host, Karl Hoover, as he interviews the brightest minds across the financial landscape every episode. Karl has been with Financial Independence Group for more than 20 years and is a senior vice president who enjoys leading advisors through the the worlds of marketing, practice management, product R&D and the various challenges financial professionals face trying to ...
Aaron Berg has a new podcast called Bergs Base. It's uncharted comedy, like you've never seen before. Picture Joe Rogan grabbing Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, James Corden and that Stephen Colbert guy and just human centipede all of them using Ivermectin paste as lubricant. It's got great bits, great segments, and raw unrestricted comedy you have grown to love from Aaron Berg! Watch it LIVE every week on and sign up with the promo code BERG for a 7 day free trial.
Grow Well

Grow Well

Dusty Hegge

A houseplant meets personal growth podcast by Dusty Hegge (that's me!). There are such beautiful parallels between plant growth and human growth and I KNOW that is by God’s design. So, on Grow Well, we talk about both! Everything from soulful personal growth to how to keep your fiddle leaf fig alive - we’ll talk about it all!
Legion of Skanks has been called "The Most Offensive Podcast on Earth" and the hosts and creators wouldn't want it any other way! Stand up comedians and real-life best friends Big Jay Oakerson, Luis J. Gomez, and Dave Smith host their weekly "podcast party" from The Stand NYC where they discuss anything and everything in a hilarious and extremely uncensored way. The "Skanks" consistently raise the bar on filth and depravity. The goal of the show isn't to educate, but rather to make you piss ...
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"I'll decorate my house when the kids leave home!" I don't know how many times I've heard 'the kids' used as the barrier to creating a home that is cohesive, clutter-free and a place the parent's can take pride in. The kids...(sigh)... The their parents you already do so much for them. * You make nourishing meals. * You make sure they're …
To kick off the Halloween season we have an interview with Ron Keres, author of "The Scariest Story You've Ever Heard", a Reader's Choice Book Award Gold winner. The coolest thing about Ron’s story is that he tells it without any pictures…just spooooooooky onomatopoeia words!!! So… let’s set sail in our sieve to meet Ron Keres, hear an excerpt from…
The Adventures Of Sam Spade, Detective Agency, The Adam Fig Caper From-1947 Writer of Detective, Fiction stories & Creator of Sam Spade, Dashiell Hammett. Announcer-Hugh Holder & Dick Joy Stars-Howard Duff, Lurene Tuttle, Elspeth Eric Detective Sam Spade is hired to protect an old, sick, very wealthy man. There are lots of gunshots and screams in t…
Welcome back to our monthly discussion with FIG COO, Arron Price. Arron joins us once a month to talk about operations, technology, culture, and anything in the retirement planning industry. Today we discuss the issue of sourcing talent and how it impacts business. We also give you an inside look at FIG operations as we navigate an influx of busine…
Mike Figs, Dave Temple and Sidney Gantt join Luis J. Gomez and they discuss Dave Temple firing Dylan from No Need For Apologies, House Of Dragons, Thor: Love And Thunder, Luis explaining why Emilia Clarke is frumpy, the most beautiful celebrities, the plot of the movie Kids, learning where Belize is, women who retire from porn and talk about how mu…
In this episode we share a few nice tools, extensions and gotchas with each other. We also ended up talking about how we like to organize our bookmarks. 🔗 Links: Bun is a fast all-in-one JavaScript runtime Todo Tree extension for VS Code Webstorm Dialog :readonly Jest todo: - example: it.todo("should d…
We continue in our study through the gospels - Fig Tree (Part 1), Clearing the Temple (Again, Again), Fig Tree (Part 2) Reading: Matthew 21:18-22, Mark 11:12-26, Luke 19:45-48 Scripture: Isaiah 56:7, Isaiah 56:1-8, Mark 11:17, Zechariah 14:21, Jeremiah 7:11, John 2:13-22, Hosea 6:2, Luke 13:6-9, Matthew 3:1-12, Micah 7:1, Jeremiah 8:13 Oki Dokinote…
IN THIS EPISODE, YOU’LL LEARN: 01:53 - How and when to apply metrics like P/E, P/GM and P/S depending on a company's stage in its lifecycle 12:17 - Brian’s most important attribute when valuing a company 15:22 - The difference between real moats and fake moats 27:51 - When to emphasize valuation and when not to 37:12 - Brian’s assessments of Alphab…
Stocks advanced losses into the close, with the Dow closing down 173 points and the S&P and Nasdaq falling more than 1%, and Jim Cramer is helping investors navigate today's market action. Then, FedEx pre-announced earnings after the bell, withdrawing its full-year guidance and announcing significant cost-cutting measures following softness in glob…
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