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Middle Market Thought Leader | Priorities for Growth

Middle Market Thought Leader | Priorities for Growth

Jack Sweeney Speaks to Innovative Leaders From Midsized Firms | Middle Mark

It’s about inspiring middle market CEOs and other c-suite leaders and business owners to take a leadership leap and open a new chapter of growth for their middle-market companies. We know that by learning from the failures, Ah-ha! moments, and successes of others, middle market business leaders can take inspired action.
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In the wake of a big government contract win, IT consulting organizations frequently savor the luster of being awarded plus-sized opportunities that can validate a firm's leading edge solutions. However, pursuing government "big game" contracts - can lead consulting organizations to very often set priorities according to the ebb and flow of the gov…
Join us when Glenn Hazard, CEO, OPAQ Networks, and middle-market veteran, traces his firm-building path from the Internet’s early commerical days to the present. Learn about the unique management mind-set and skillsets that have allowed Glenn to open new chapters of growth for midsize firms. (Original broadcast date: April 13, 2017)…
When Japan’s Sapporo last year acquired craft-beer pioneer Anchor Brewing, many craft brewers characterized the transaction as the end of an era. It’s one John Dannerbeck today looks back on fondly having worked alongside the brewery’s legendary owner Fritz Maytag and the eclectic mix of seasoned managers that stubbornly rejected the notion of grow…
Fifteen years ago, when the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) announced the successful completion of the Human Genome Project, Sam Santhosh decided that it was time to study up and find all of what was required to compete inside the world of DNA sequencing. The way that Santhosh saw it, sequencing was really about data, a world he fe…
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