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Friends On Friends

Friends On Friends

Casey Hackett & Chris Brook

"Friends On Friends" is a twice weekly podcast discussing every episode of the hit TV show "Friends" with hosts Casey Hackett & Chris Brook. What happens when one friend (Casey) forces another friend (Chris), who has never seen a single episode of one of the most popular sitcoms of all time, to watch and discuss every single episode? It's "Friends On Friends." New episodes on Tuesdays and Fridays.
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Chris and Casey are joined by first time guest and friend of the show Scott Batson to discuss one of the most seminal sitcom episodes of all time, where Ross finds out Rachel has feelings for him. This episode has it all with tons of Friends Facts, the end of Name That Barista, the Seinfeld Sidebar, and a return to the West Wing Wing plus some grea…
Chris Brook is back with us, along with returning guest Chris Sampson to discuss the greatness of Jon Lovitz, and what we believe is the best episode of Friends yet! Strong storylines for all, Jon Lovitz high on weed, and Ross talking dirty to Joey equal classic episode! All this and an extended Seinfeld Sidebar!…
Casey and Chris are discussing the frontrunner for Worst Titled Episode of Friends, "The One With The Boobies." Chandler sees Monica naked, Fisher Stevens stops by, a connection to Batman the Animated Series is made, and Casey and Chris talk about their favorite pizza places! Leave a review on iTunes and for more information follow us at: Twitter: …
The Boys are back to tackle the big issues: YOGURT. AND FOOD. AND AUSTRALIA. Then, Casey warms up to Agents of SHIELD, Sean likes Transparent, and Chris is intrigued by DISH Network's new Sling service. Then, the gang pick their favorite TV shows of 2014, with a single show topping ALL of our lists! Trust us, if we say it's good, YOU SHOULD PROBABL…
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