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Sports nutrition research coming out of Malaysia could explore local foods sources, such as palm oil, goat’s milk, and black pepper, said the vice-president of Nutrition Society of Malaysia, who has previously studied biopeptides extracted from locally grown rice on athletes.By William Reed Business Media
With consumers increasingly demanding scientifically-validated nutra products and ingredients, one of the key scientists in Australia’s national research agency has revealed the three factors that are crucial for a high-quality trial.By William Reed Business Media
Future infant nutrition research should look into the link between nutrients and gut-brain axis and even its impacts decades later when a child reaches adulthood, instead of merely mimicking human breast milk and focusing on only height and weight gain.By William Reed Business Media
A new study published in Lancet Gastroenterology and Hepatology has shown that orally administered faecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) could lead to the remission of ulcerative colitis, with one of the researchers heading the trial now outlining the next steps spanning dosage and frequency.By William Reed Business Media
There are a number of scientific reports which claim that there is a high rate of anaemia among the Indian population, but the latest guest of our NutraChampion podcast argues that this may not be the case and there may even be an “overdiagnosis” of anaemia in the country.By William Reed Business Media
Integrative medicine offers vast opportunities to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients, but more randomised clinical trials, better quality control, and clearer health indications are required, according to veteran TCM researcher Professor Aiping Lyu.By William Reed Business Media
There are huge opportunities to use the power of food tech to improve nutritional outcomes across a range of health states, spanning metabolic, bone and eye health, in addition to its current focus on alternative proteins, according to Alchemy Foodtech’s Chief Food Fighter.By William Reed Business Media
Indian researcher Professor Balamurugan Ramadass has detailed how he plans to build on his studies of the gut microbiome and malnutrition in overlooked populations, specifically the elderly and HIV positive patients, through a newly established research centre.By William Reed Business Media
Consumers suffering from chronic diseases or cancer could be vulnerable to the empty promises and misleading health claims, which is why Dr Janet Schloss, the latest guest on our NutraChampion podcast, has made it her mission to drive an evidence-based approach to nutrition.By William Reed Business Media
The supplementation of electrolytes could potentially reduce the incidence of muscle cramps due to different factors, including exercise, ageing, and pregnancy, according to the latest guest on our NutraChampion podcast, Professor Ken Nosaka.By William Reed Business Media
Pre-diabetes and diabetes are factors which could increase the risk of COVID-19 infections and mortality, and therefore the consumption of certain functional foods could be beneficial, says the guest who stars in the 17th episode of Nutra Champion podcast.By William Reed Business Media
Giving huge doses of vitamin D to treat COVID-19 patients has been the protocol in certain parts of the world, but the more urgent need could be addressing underlining deficiency, says the guest who stars in the 16th episode of our NutraChampion podcast.By William Reed Business Media
New regulations in Australia is making research on the role of complementary medicine, including Chinese medicine, to manage chronic diseases more attractive, according to a prominent researcher who stars in the 15th episode of our NutraChampion podcast.By William Reed Business Media
The gut-brain axis is a hot topic amongst scientists, doctors, and dietary supplement businesses today, but this was not the case just five years ago, where the idea of using probiotics to address mental and cognitive health issues was met with much scepticism.By William Reed Business Media
Food fortification and developing healthier food options are crucial in tackling the double burden of undernutrition and obesity, but the unique cultural aspects of dietary patterns should not be neglected, says the guest who stars in our latest podcast.By William Reed Business Media
For the first edition of our Nutra Champion Podcast series, we speak with one of the region’s research pioneers, who has published over 200 peer-reviewed papers, secured more than $100m in industry funding and has played a critical role in putting Singapore’s nutrition efforts on the global map.By William Reed Business Media
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