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A daily news show from the publisher of The Monthly and The Saturday Paper. Hear from the country’s best reporters, covering the news as it affects Australia. This is news with narrative, every weekday.
The Wantok Program is 30 minutes of news and current affairs broadcast on Radio Australia twice a day Monday to Friday in Papua New Guinea Tok Pisin, Solomon Islands Pijin and Vanuatu Bislama pidgin languages.
ABC News Daily is the podcast that helps you understand the issues affecting your world. Every episode, host Samantha Hawley walks through one story with the help of an ABC colleague or expert in under 15 minutes. When you want coverage you can trust, listen to ABC News Daily.
True crimes, dark histories, unsolved mysteries, eccentric personalities and strange happenings: Forgotten Australia is history as you've never heard it before. Each episode brings to life people and events that were once known to everyone but are now barely remembered by anyone. Based on intensive original research, Forgotten Australia is crafted with a novelist’s eye for character and detail to create gripping narratives that sound so fresh it's like they're ripped from today's headlines. ...
Everything you need to know about Australian public policy in just 20 minutes. Grattan Institute is dedicated to developing high quality public policy for Australia’s future. Our podcasts cover a range of public policy topics focusing on the main issues facing Australia. Our podcasts concentrate on budget policy, economic growth, energy, health, institutional reform, household finances, school education, transport and cities.
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Some say you shouldn't mix sport with politics but right now, it seems like World Cups and humanitarian concerns are constantly hand in gloveWhen Qatar hosted the men's FIFA World Cup last year human rights became the dominant issue. Now there are concerns for the Women's World Cup this year - to be hosted in Australia and New Zealand - if FIFA pub…
Abortion is an essential healthcare service in Australia. Women have access to termination options early in the pregnancy, but navigating choices to suit personal circumstances isn’t always straightforward. - سقط جنین یکی از خدمات اساسی صحی در آسترالیا است. اگرچه زنان در سراسر کشور در اوایل بارداری به گزینه‌های سقط جنین دسترسی دارند، اما انتخاب گزی…
n 2022, the Optus data breach, along with the Medibank hack, saw the theft of the personal information of millions of Australians. In the last decade, there has been an explosion in cybercrime, especially ransomware attacks. What can we do to protect our personal details from criminals?By Australian Broadcasting Corporation
On 8 February 1993, Clayton Lewis broadcast the first ever episode of Awaye on ABC RN.The goal was to reflect the depth, diversity and vitality of Indigenous culture through the arts. This week some of the people who've shaped Awaye discuss the way this principle holds true 30 years on.By Australian Broadcasting Corporation
در حالى كه سرماى شديد در افغانستان بيداد ميكند، سازمانهاى امدادى تلاش هاى شانرا با مردم آسيب پۮير اين كشور افزاايش داده اند. يكى از اين سازمانھا نهاد (Orphans at Risk) است كه برعلاوۀ فراهم كردن كمك دومدار به يتيمان، مصروف خدمات امدادى ديگر هم است. ما با فضيله تصميم يك تن از مسۇلين اين نهاد صحبت كرده ايم كه شما را به شنيدن آن دعوت ميكنيم.…
گزارش كامل خبرنگار ما، به شمول اوضاع امنيتى و تحولات مهم ديگر در افغانستان را در اينجا شنيده مى توانيد.
The Treasurer, Jim Chalmers, has scribed a lengthy essay in the The Monthly outlining his ambitions to create a new form of capitalism which better supports democracy and social equity. How would this work in practice for corporations? Is this something to fear or embrace?By Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Political editor Katharine Murphy speaks to prime minister Anthony Albanese about his time in office so far, the Indigenous voice to parliament and the challenges stemming from instability in Europe. Albanese also says it is likely he would have pursued the Aukus defence agreement had Labor been in power during the Morrison era…
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