Help Your Kids Build Smart Money Habits and Reaching FIRE with Chrissy Kay


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#037. Today’s guest is Chrissy Kay. Chrissy and her husband both retired in 2021. They were both able to reach FIRE on 1 income, and 2 kids, in a high cost of living city like Vancouver, BC. She shares what piqued her initial interest in her pursuit of FI and how the reality has matched her expectations.

She definitely shares her insightful wisdom on her journey. But also loves to help parents raise kids to be money savvy, and goes over some key things we should do to build good strong money habits in our kids like modelling good behaviours. We also get into some really nitty gritty tactical strategies that you can take away and implement in your own lives, because that his what this is show is for. Details like pros and cons of opening up different type of savings accounts. We cover how to setup an informal trust accounts you can use to help your kids invest, and how Chrissy herself was able to turbocharge her asset base and shave years off her path to FIRE.

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