S2 Episode 9 | "Reflection in the Mirror" | A Guided Shadow Work Meditation


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In this penultimate episode, Meg delivers a Guided Shadow Word Meditation that aims to heal the lingering shadows of self-doubt. It is recommended to set the scene for yourself and to help yourself feel euphoric before relaxing into some guided meditation. Meg guides you through some visualization, identifying your shadows of of self-distrust. She then creates a mindful space for the listener to transmute this shadow into a form you can see eye to eye with before allowing space for the listener to reconnect with their inner-child.
Table of Contents

  1. Welcome & Introduction
  2. Context
  3. Setting the Mood
  4. Invocation
  5. "Reflection in the Mirror" | A Guided Shadow Work Meditation
  6. Closing & Benediction

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You can join Meg on linguistoflove.com where she hosts a community aimed on personal development, restructuring relationships to be more authentic and built on communication, transparency, and empathy, and exploring sensuality and eroticism in safe ways that push your boundaries to allow you to create the space you deserve to live the life that will bring you more joy, peace, and love.
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