Be Someone Others Can Count On: The Six Pillars of Professionalism - Ep 330


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I have always held that professionalism is a choice, but I am learning that, to some degree, and for some people, it is a skill. Maybe it doesn't come naturally, but the excuses really have to end there.
How you do the little things is how you do the big things, so we are going to discuss being professional today on KKRS.
I have six major points to make and every single one of them IS A CHOICE, not a personality type. So, the excuses end now.
Timeliness, Preparedness, Clarity, Presentability, Dependability, and Honesty combine to make a professional.
I also put the "I don't care what other people think" bros on trial. You can't simultaneously want to build a business that is bigger than you, and also not care how you present to others. Sorry, but that is incredibly contradictory.
Be someone others can count on.
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DISCLAIMER! I am NOT your financial advisor or business consultant. Do YOUR OWN research. I advocate heavily that you should make intelligent and informed decisions based on YOUR OWN understanding or hire someone that does this for you. Don’t take me out of context and make dumb decisions. Always consider YOUR OWN SITUATION before implementing strategies shared on KKRS. When in doubt, remember Kyle is conservative and will always choose to live another day over imprudent “YOLO” decisions.
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