The Harm of Hijacking the Conversation to Air Out Your Own Frustrations: Episode 265


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Have you never had that feeling of being perplexed and thrown off guard when you tried to bring something up to your partner? You might have had a recent upset, an event that you were frustrated by, or another emotion that you needed to express to your partner. Within a few seconds your partner dumps all their own upsets and frustrations at you; even going as far as to compare how their pain is worse than yours!

This is an “emotional hijack” that makes the conversation all about them and leaves you feeling stunned, caught off guard, that it’s unfair, and even selfish of them. What makes matters worse is that you had a positive intention to communicate openly and often vulnerably with them. After this, why would you even want to bring up anything in the future?

In this episode you will hear about the reasons this dynamic happens and what is really going on for them to take over your conversation. Then you will hear 2 things that can be done differently so that you do not lose faith and trust in each other to be able to express yourselves without you feeling hijacked!

Resources For Your Relationship:

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