The First Airbnb Guests Were... A Disaster


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First up, a thank you and an apology re: our little show being in the Top 10 Australian Podcasts. So, all our real life mates have weighed in on last weeks show and it’s sent Gem on a deep-dive investigation on the topic of Swinging. She went down the DM and YouTube rabbit hole and has some findings she wants to report back on. So do you wanna “play” or are you “vanilla”? And what part of relationship, cerebral or magical, are we most attracted to? And do we all really have a type? Revz thinks Gem has a type and Gem has a host of theories on what Revz “type” might be. And HOW WEIRD is attraction? Have you ever had the same type as your bestie? Cos we are RELIEVED that we have never competed for the same guy. Then, Gem forgot her anniversary cos she’s Wife Of The Year and Revz can’t believe the power men have in ✨making plans✨. Oh and Gem had her first airbnb guests and it did not 👏🏼 go 👏🏼 well 👏🏼. She tells us the whole sordid story and saddle up DLs there’s lots to unpack this week! Thanks for being here, we love the tits off you x

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