UN-BILL-LEE-VABLE: Building A Successful And Lasting Sales Career By Building Lasting Relationships With Bill Lee


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Today’s episode features the story of Bill Lee, a story of just leaving his psychiatric profession because the pay was so low led him to a highly successful sales career. Bill is a Business Consultant at Lee Resources and the author of Gross Margin and 30 Ways Managers Shoot Themselves In The Foot. Tune in today and learn from Bill why building solid and lasting relationships with clients are better than just being competitive with price, and so much more in this latest episode of Noob School.


BILL: Stay in your industry to build solid and lasting relationships

“In my old industry, virtually everyone stayed in the industry, and the reason is if there's one key to sales that are not doesn't have anything to do with training, necessarily, it's relationships, who trust you, who knows you, who believes in you, who knows you that you have great integrity, that that's the kind of person you want to do business with. And no matter which company they work for. You tend to do business well.”

BILL: Word of the day - Integrity

“Integrity is something that I think everyone respects, everybody wants more of it, and it’s the watchword for me, I do my best to have integrity and for people to never be able to talk about me behind my back and say that you can't believe a word he says, but tell the truth, whether it sounds good or not.”

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