Francesca Amato And Hannah Morris Discuss Being ADA Advocates And What Brought Them To This Field To Help Others


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Slam the Gavel welcomes both Francesca Amato and Hannah Morris to the podcast. Francesca was last on the podcast with Amy Palacios Season 3, Episode 147 and Francesca and Hannah along with Natalia Dalton were on the podcast Season 3, Episode 144.
Francesca Amato is an advocate, mother, whistleblower and founder and owner of punished 4 Protecting, Inc., a non-profit 501 (c) 4. She uninstalled the old foundation years ago in 2014, because she coined the phrase abolish arrest as she does not believe this evil system can be or even should be “reformed. It must be abolished. She began P4P due to her own case and the years of advocating for others who are also Punished 4 Protecting their own children.
A noted public speaker, Francesca works diligently to bring so much attention to the crisis that is plaguing our family court system in the United States. She is also the best-selling author of PUNISHED 4 PROTECTING.
Hannah Morris is a skilled Chapter Leader, Coordinator, and Editor/Proofreader with a Master's degree in Special Education and extensive experience in proofreading documentation, identifying areas of deficiency, assessing skills, determining educational needs, and combating social problems. She also has a substantial experience in advocating for domestic violence/child abuse victims, analyzing large amounts of information, planning activities specific to each students ability, representing Americans with disabilities, editing articles and cultivating a positive learning environment.
Francesca is based in New York State while Hannah is based in Virginia. They have been working tirelessly to help parents in the Family Court Arena with disabilities to be heard and treated fairly. This also includes upon walking into Family Court. Family Court has caused disabilities in children and their parents. Great damage is being done to victims of these illegitimate courtrooms especially to the children who are given to the abusive parent. Much to be learned about ADA Advocacy and becoming an ADA Advocate.
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