3 Reasons Why Your Metabolism Has Its Foot on the Brakes with Dr. Jessie Hehmeyer MS, DC, LDN, CNS, IFM Certified Practitioner


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Do you often wonder what is keeping you from seeing your health results? We know that it can be discouraging to be on the go all the time and struggling to put yourself and your health as a priority. That’s why we called on multi-faceted Dr. Jessie Hehmeyer to talk with us about the root of functional medicine, nutrition, and metabolism and help sort out why yours might be saying ‘no’ when you want it to say ‘go’!

In our chat, we unpack:

  • The credentials Dr. Jessie Hehmeyer acquired over her time (there are quite a lot of them).
  • What it means to have data driven natural medicine and nutrition practices.
  • How to achieve sustained and empowered weight loss.
  • Identify how hormones, digestion, and metabolism all play a role in your overall health.
  • How to take an individualistic approach by data driven results.
  • Why is it essential to connect with your ‘why’? How do you classify habits that are more ‘self-honoring’?
  • The importance of pinpointing missing puzzle pieces and identifying pertinent puzzle pieces already in play.
  • Why collaboration is crucial in your health goals.
  • Why might your metabolism be pumping the brakes?
  • How do inflammation, insulin sensitivity, and detox pathways play a role?
  • And finally, we identify which inflammation markers are the ones to look for on your lab results.

Trust us, it’s worth taking a listen to!

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