S17 Ep140: Destruction of Justice w/ Lawrence Davis


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True Crime Tuesday presents Destruction of Justice with Entrepreneur/Author Lawrence Davis
Janzen Robinson is no longer a man torn between two worlds, having decided to come off the bench and dive head first into Cleveland’s magical underworld. With his new partner and perpetually exhausted friend Grove, he’s just starting to get a handle on all the supernatural happenings when disaster shows up at their doorstep and doesn’t even have the decency to knock.
Gale stands accused of disrupting the Balance, and Janzen finds himself abruptly tasked with finding out who’s behind the accusation. It’s a charge as serious as it is vague, at least to Janzen, but that doesn’t stop the two governing bodies of the In-Between from showing up in his hometown and unleashing a Blind Judge to exact justice.
Now, with a wanted fugitive hiding in their makeshift headquarters and the entire magic community painting a target on his back, Janzen and Grove must step outside their normal alliances for help while attempting to stay ahead of the brutal enforcers hot on their trail in their attempt to get to the bottom of who it was that framed Gale…
…if she was framed at all.
Lawrence Davis is a former Infantryman who is releasing the second book in a successful Sci-fi Crime trilogy, entitled "Destruction of Justice! He is joining the show today to talk about his experiences in the service, his struggle with PTSD, and the motivation to develop the characters in these books!
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Get the first book, "Blunt Force Magic", here: https://wildbluepress.com/blunt-force-magic-lawrence-davis-sci-fi/
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