66: Establishing A Goal Hierarchy To Create More Meaningful Goals with Eric Trexler


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Most goal-setting exercises have one major flaw.

They focus too much on WHAT someone want to accomplish rather than WHY they want to accomplish it.

The best goal-setting exercises combine the two.

They produce goals that are both meaningful and measurable.

Goals that provide connection and clarity.

And when you do that, clients are motivated, inspired, and resilient.

But, the question is how?

Fortunately, Eric Trexler knows. He uses a "Goal Hierarchy" with his fitness clients and explains how it can be applied to create more meaningful goals for clients in financial advice.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The power and execution of a goal hierarchy
  • The problem and challenges inherent in goal setting
  • A psychological framework to better communicate with clients and prospects
  • Focusing on "approach goals" rather than "avoidance goals"
  • The optimal level of difficulty when setting goals

The featured partner for this episode is Knudge, an automated system to help clients actually follow through on their tasks and reach their financial goals.

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