Divorce and Impact on Your Kids' Financial Literacy with Monica Scudieri


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#035. Today’s guest is Monica Scudieri. We get into how she ended up taking on $257,000 in debt after the divorce and the struggles she faced as a single mom, with two young children and being unemployed. We discuss the creative ways Monica found in making money to survive, and how she was able to survive those first five years post-divorce.

We dive into how she was able to use a home equity line of credit to buy rental properties and use real estate as her path toward financial independence.

We discuss the importance of having conversations about money with her kids and communication of values and needs vs. wants . Monica talks about the challenges of co-parenting the kids with her ex-husband, including her rule and attitudes toward speaking out about the other parent with the kids and how being a child of divorce can influence your money mindset. We also discuss what inspired her to write her book, Grab Your Slice of Financial Independence and the key messages Monica wants readers to take away from the book.

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