Ep. 27 - INTERVIEW: Suzanne's Practice and Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Treatments


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In this 27th episode of "Making a Difference in Mental Health Show" hosted by Counselor Prince Offei, a Psychotherapist & Psychologist; he interviews Suzanne L. Thistle, who is an accomplished Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Consultant, Adjunct Professor at Plymouth State University and Writer, East Coast, USA. They discussed "Suzanne's Practice and Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Treatments". Contact or follow Suzanne L. Thistle on the following: Email: suethistle@hotmail.com Check out her Books on Amazon and other platforms. Her published works: (2021) God is in the Addict: Alcohol and Drug Recovery Essentials for the First 90 Days. https://lnkd.in/eFYmHbWW (2020) Chem-Free Sobriety: Natural recovery from a substance use disorder. https://lnkd.in/eqERmvt6 Find the host on all social media platforms with the name "Counselor Prince Offei" or "Counselor Prince & Associates Consult", and be sure to comment, like and subscribe on any podcast app. www.princeoffei22.wixsite.com/website www.princeoffei22.wixsite.com/website-psychologist #mentalhealthshow

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