EPISODE 130: Robert The Doll, Facts, Fiction and Frights with Author and Historian David Sloan


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Key West Florida, beautiful beaches, coral reefs, wild nightlife, Jimmy Buffett and the most famous haunted doll in the world, Robert!

In 1904 Robert Eugene Otto was given a gift, a very special gift, a doll. Robert loved this doll and named him...... Robert (of course).... or in the early 1900's a a servant that worked for his parents gave little Gene (as Robert Otto was know) the doll....either way...

Soon, Robert and Robert (who knows which one) was causing all kinds of trouble and when asked, little Gene would say " Robert did it".. and a legend was born....

Today we talk with author, historian and Robert expert David Sloan all about the truth, the legends, the myths and the frights surrounding this amazing doll.... Did Robert do it? Does Robert continue to do it? Well... you have to decide that for yourself, but David knows what he believes.

Check out David's Ghost tour website at https://ghostkeywest.com/

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