49. Gennev co-founder and CEO Jill Angelo is riding the highs and lows of perimenopause too


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Jill Angelo is the co-founder and CEO of Gennev, a virtual care platform for menopause in the US. Jill spotted an opportunity six years ago, and although Gennev started out a little different than it has ended up, they were one of the first companies to become a leader in this space. And over the pandemic Gennev pivoted to providing education and telemedicine for menopause relief to thousands of women via one-on-one and group visits through a team of ob/gyns and registered dietitians. And they must have done something right: because, the company was recently acquired by Unified Health Care Group – one of the first acquisitions in the new fast-growing menopause space.


• What happened when she noticed people leaving the workforce
• What women in the workplace who are going through menopause need from their employers
• The gifts menopause brings us
• How her perimenopause is going at 48
• How Gennev started selling a lubricant and morphed into telehealth and HRT during the pandemic
• How menopause treatment is unique to each person
• What changes she’s seen in the menopause conversation
• Her take on the safety of HRT right now
• The menopause research she’s most excited about
• What annoys her about celebrities and menopause
• Why she wants every woman to get an M-check starting at 45
• How she got over her nerves talking about menopause
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