E 104 Bipolar Disorder: Mik’s Story


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On past episodes, we have discussed Bipolar Disorder from the lens of the partner and caregiver. We have also discussed the definition as described by the DSM-5 from the lens of a professional psychologist. For this episode, we get to hear the story and experiences from a person living with Bipolar Disorder.

Mik shares with us her story of mental health from childhood to the present time. She shares her journey through therapists, medications, introspection, and research to bring her to a space of healing.

Learn more about Mik here.

Mik works for Matcha. Matcha "believes in a future where you can be more open with your therapist and doctors. Where you look forward to seeing them because you know and feel that they care about you. Where, no matter what insurance you have, you can find someone very quickly that you can have a lasting relationship with."

We love getting to hear about this company from the perspective of one of their employees.

Learn more about Matcha here.

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