A New Sales Initiative: Upskilling Military Veterans For a Career In Cybersecurity Software Sales with Jack Sterling


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In this episode of the Noob School podcast, John Sterling and his son and business partner Jack Sterling talk about their new initiative. Through the SkillBridge program, they will provide training and support to outgoing military personnel to help them secure a career in cybersecurity software sales. John and Jack, themselves former servicemen, talk about their goals for the program, and share the benefits of working for yourself instead of being someone else’s employee.


  • Helping military veterans get a career in cybersecurity sales
  • Jack and John's goals for the program
  • The beauty of working for yourself and being your own boss
  • Why Jack left the military


John describes their new sales initiative: "The program is called SkillBridge, and they continue to get paid by the government while they're in this training program. And our goal is to get them placed in a sales job that matches up with what they want to do."

Jack talks about his goals for the program: "What we're doing here is really trying to take a small subset of people that are maybe entrepreneurial-minded and interested in sales and cybersecurity and want to maybe work for themself as opposed to being an employee of somebody else."

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