Beware: 8 Red Flags When Hiring Online


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Today on the podcast I'm digging into the 8 red (and yellow) flags I see most often in virtual hiring - both what they are and how what steps to take if you see these things come up when your hiring a team.

Whether you're thinking of hiring someone for your business or you want to know how to show up better for your own sales calls, this episode has something for you.

When I started by business online after having my second child, I started to break down and document my hiring process:

✅ How to find the right team member for a specific business

✅ How to screen these candidates ahead of time to make interviews as productive as possible

✅ What questions to ask candidates to get to know them at a deeper level - and look for red flags

This is the same hiring process I share with my clients as they grow and build their virtual teams and in my course Hire, Hire Pants on Fire.

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