Asking Better Questions


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As a salesperson, you need to be intentional. Everything you do, even the questions you ask should be in service of your goal, which is to help your customer address a need or purpose. In this episode of the Noob School podcast, John talks about figuring out the best questions to ask in order to best help your customers. Hint: Even if they say so, they’re never “just looking.”


  • Be intentional with the questions you ask
  • People are shopping for a reason; figure out why


John on helping customers figure out what they want: "When people walk into your shop or they come by your website, they didn't do it accidentally. There's a reason. And our job as a salesperson is to very politely help them figure out what that reason is because they don't want to tell you for some reason. You got to really prod them a little bit to get it out of them."

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