AlphaGo the Movie, Big Data, and AI Psychiatry: Will Humans Be Left Behind? (S4, E14)


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In the episode, "AlphaGo the Movie, Big Data, and AI Psychiatry: Will Humans Be Left Behind? (S4, E14)," I give a review of the film AlphaGo, an award-winning documentary that filled me with wonder and forgiveness towards the artificial intelligence movement in general. SPOILER ALERT: the episode contains spoilers, as would any news article on the topic as it was major world news and was a game-changer for artificial intelligence.
DeepMind has a fundamental desire to understand intelligence. These AI creatives believe if they can crack the ancient game Go, then they’ve done something special. And if they could get their AlphaGo computer to beat Lee Sedol, the legendary historic 18-world champion player acknowledged as the greatest Go player of the last decade, then they can change history. The movie is suspenseful, and a noble match between human and machine, making you cheer on the new AI era we are entering and mourn the loss of humanity's previous reign all at once.
And with how far AI has come, is big data the only path to achieve the best outcomes? Especially in regard to human healthcare? And what about the non-objective field of psychiatry? When so many mental health professionals and former consumers of the industry are criticizing psychiatry's ethics, scientific claims, and objective status as a real medical field, why are we rushing into using AI in areas that deal with human emotion in healthcare? Because that is where we have a large amount of data. With bias in AI already showing itself in race and gender, the mad may be the next ready targets.
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