Ep 158: Ladies of The View, Step Aside. The New Wave Is Here.


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3 young, hot broadcasters walk into a bar... the bar that is this Zoom. Brace yourselves for this VERY candid conversation with the talented media movers and shakers who both come from traditional hard news and sports backgrounds -- Eryn Cooper (@onairwitheryn) Top 40 radio host at Nashville's Hot 106.7 and Lindsey Nance (@lindz.nance) lifestyle correspondent for Jay Cutler's Outsider platform. This ain't your father's morning show, as we give true experiences and unabashed opinions on: gender in the workplace, men and women being two sides of the same coin, being told how to dress, liberating ourselves from dino networks, rapid-style input on Adam Levine's mistress and Rihanna's Super Bowl hoopla.... and more. Going live in 3, 2, 1...

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