Major General Gregg Martin, the “Bipolar General”


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This amazing man not only ascended to the rank of two-star General but is also a former president of the National Defense University; he is a qualified Airborne-Ranger-Engineer and Strategist, and a graduate of West Point, MIT (Doctorate and two Masters), and the Army and Naval War Colleges. In addition to these accolades, he was twice awarded the Distinguished Service Medal, a Bronze Star, and the Combat Action Badge.
General Martin has been afflicted with bipolar disorder since 2003, maybe earlier. Learn how his condition aided in his ascent to the top ranks of the US Army until it no longer did, and then nearly destroyed him and everything he values. Hear about how the lack of understanding and knowledge about mental illness - combined with stigma - prevented friends, coworkers, and family from stepping in before the condition became uncontrollable. After many years of bipolar-driven success and exhilaration, followed by two years of slogging through ‘bipolar hell’, he is now in the seventh year of his recovery journey. Managing and living with bipolar disorder is a ‘forever war.’

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