Episode 69: An Unjust Bargain


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In America, it is a fantasy to believe that people accused of a crime will have their case decided by a jury of their peers. The reality is that most convictions are achieved through plea bargains controlled by prosecutors. Is there a way to unwind this broken system of fast-tracked convictions? Christopher Wright Durocher speaks with Dan Canon, author of the book Pleading Out: How Plea Bargaining Creates a Permanent Criminal Class, about the unjust practice of plea bargaining and how we fix it.

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Today's Host: Christopher Wright Durocher, Vice President of Policy and Program

Guest: Dan Canon, Author of "Pleading Out"

Link: "Pleading Out" by Dan Canon

Link: "Criminalizing Race: Racial Disparities in Plea-Bargaining," by Carlos Berdejó

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