Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: All About Break-Ups, Boundaries, and the Infamous INFJ Door Slam


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Today's episode explores why break-ups can be so difficult for INFJs. Sometimes break-ups can be drawn out, but other times we'll "door slam" and completely disconnect from our emotions and our partner. Learning to stay strong in ourselves is so important, along with allowing ourselves to grieve what we've lost: Both the loss of the relationship, and the loss of the future we thought we had with our partner.
INFJs are also at risk of overanalyzing what went wrong in the relationship, especially if our partner broke up with us. It's so important for us to lean on other people for support, and to not allow ourselves to slide into Ni-Ti loop. No matter your break-up situation, please allow yourself to experience whatever you're going through with kindness and compassion toward yourself.
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