The Importance of Having an Online Presence


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In this episode, Todd Heitner speaks about having an online footprint for you and your business. In today's time, many people will instantly go online to look at a person's social media page, or business website to see how credible they are before giving them any form of business. That is why it is important to have a digital footprint that allows you and your business to be deemed reliable. A digital footprint has now become everyone's first impression.
Todd Heitner has been helping real estate investors tap into the power of the internet for over 18 years. His focus is on assisting syndicators to boost their credibility and automate their capital-raising process. His company, Apartment Investor Pro, is the only company we know of in the world that specializes in creating strategic websites for syndicators designed to maximize your positioning so YOU stand out in the most positive way so people are more eager to explore investing with you. This allows you to focus your time on finding deals and investors or on scaling your business.

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