SHOW REPLAY 2022-09-17 Atremis Part 2 EM Imaging Team, "Make No Wine... Before Its Time"


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Show Page: Alternative Listening: "The CAPSTONE team continues work on recovery efforts [of its unmanned spacecraft currently heading to the Moon, arriving November 13] ...." "South Korea's first robotic lunar orbiter, named 'Danuri,' is looping back to the Moon [for its planned arrival December 16] ... after successfully conducting a critical trajectory correction maneuver Sept. 2 ...." CAPSTONE ("Cislunar Autonomous Positioning System Technology Operations and Navigation Experiment") is in trouble: at the end of its third pre-planned mid-course correction burn last week (Sept 8), "something" went radically wrong-- And the microwave-sized spacecraft began tumbling wildly enroute to lunar orbit. The third unmanned lunar launch attempt -- the 5-year overdue, massive, "Artemis-I SLS rocket," carrying the soon-to-be manned (on Artemis-2) "Orion Crew and Service Module" -- are now awaiting their next launch opportunity, September 27, after two previous mission "scrubs." Any ONE of these on-going lunar missions has the potential to TOTALLY REVOLUTIONIZE OUR LIFE ON EARTH -- by simply showing us via HD television "what's been waiting on the Moon for over fifty years" ... a vast array of "Ancient ET Lunar Structures!" Join us ... as we examine more extraordinary "pre-arrival evidence ...." Richard C. Hoagland Copyright 2022

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