Tailored Support for Students: How to Overcome Anxiety & Stress and Ensure a Love of Learning Can Flourish, with Lauren Johnston


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Lauren Johnston has so much passion and energy for education that she went and set up a business. Lauren Johnston Tutoring is the product of years of first-hand experience and an MSc in Business Strategy, Leadership and Change converging into one.
It's not often you hear the ethos of effective and heart-led tutoring put so eloquently and with such clarity.
This conversation is for the committed and for the dreamers, Lauren just so happens to be both. "I love learning, and I think that’s a big reason why I went into education" - successful tutoring is no mean feat and it's this passion for continuous betterment that Lauren not only displays herself but also encourages in the students and parents she works with.
Let's hope she can do the same for you, too.
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