Making the Gospel Good News by Loving Your Neighbors Well – A Conversation with Charles Kiser


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In this episode, Jeremy and Steven talk with Charles Kiser about his forthcoming book “Trauma-Informed Evangelism: Cultivating Communities of Wounded Healers” which address questions such as: How do we love our neighbors well who carry religious trauma? How do we embody the good news of the way of Jesus in ways that are actually good news for those who have been hurt, harmed, and even abused in the name of the gospel of Jesus, in the name of a version of God or Christianity? Charles helps us reframe evangelism in the terms of being and becoming the gospel in ways that are not only appropriate in relationships with neighbors who have experienced spiritual trauma, but change our understanding of evangelism altogether.

Charles is the lead minister with Storyline Community in Dallas. Trauma-Informed Evangelism, which he co-authors with Elaine Heath, comes out April 2023. Pre-order a copy wherever you get your books. Connect with Charles and learn more about the book on his webpage at

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