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The next guest is one of my all time favorite curious minds. A huge shoutout to Anna David for the introduction. I came across Rob's Write Useful Books book and it was the first time I fully understood the point, reason for, and ideal goals for someone who wants to market their books. The book is really about writing a useful book that sells more and more copies each year.

After becoming an expert to product development, he wrote the Mom test. This book now has over 1,000 reviews, makes Rob over a hundred thousands is mostly passive income a year is taught at Harvard, MIT, and UCL.

After learning what it takes to write a book that sells more and more every year, he wrote Write Useful Books, which I’ve been recommending to everyone who wants to write teaching non-fiction.

In this episode we talk about how an author can write a book that sells itself so you can stop marketing it.
Get the book here.

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