Ep 135 - Best of Spiritual Grit - What Gifts Do You Offer the World?


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In today’s episode, I talk about strength and how we can be strong through love and compassion, not by forcing our will upon others. When we force things, often the result is less than desirable. When we love, there is only ease in the strength we demonstrate. But there is also the idea of strength as in “What are your gifts to the world?” How do you know what your strengths –your gifts– are?

Much of it has to do with who you are BE-ing. WHO are you being? Are you stepping into your most authentic self? How can you tell?

I also talk a little bit about what it’s like to work with me on your healing journey and how healing is a very specific, individual transformational experience. (And yeah, I bring in the butterfly analogy because, well, how perfect is that!)

Take a listen to find out how you can bring your gifts forward in becoming your truest self and how that is in service of the highest good of all.


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Today’s poems/ Books / Oracle / Tarot Cards mentioned:

  • Tarot Card: #8 Strength (from The Light Seers Deck by Chris-Anne)
  • Tarot Card: Page of Swords (from The Light Seers Deck by Chris-Anne)

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