#38 Cargo Ryan talks Dorkfest!!


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We end our Dorkfest weekend with a bang! Ryan, who works for a major cargo carrier recaps the weekend with us! Next Trip Podcast believes we “stole” Ryan from them 😉
Staff Traveler coming in hot for Dorkfest!

  • Ryan, is an Avgeek who has to ZED everywhere
  • How Ryan got to Dorkfest and “has” to fly back home!
  • Who won in the many raffles? (Hint: it was NOT Ryan 😣)
  • Ryan’s year and lifetime tally of flights verifies his Avgeek status.
  • CRJ discussion

You can find this young man:

  • Twitter @plainsandplanes
  • Instagram: @plainsandplanes

*Stay tuned for outtakes at the end*

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