From S attempt to Success - The Rise Of The Single Mother


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From S attempt to Success - The Rise Of The Single Mother

The Rise of the Single Mother

An organisation & community formed to inspire/support single parents.

I am a BACP Psychotherapist & Counsellor. MBACP BPS FdA BA Hons Adv PG Dip

The Rise of the Single Mother is a blog where Laura shares her story of hope, fortitude, and of grit, determination, hard work, tears, pain and joy. It is the story of how one woman’s struggle to raise her daughter on her own encompassed the stories of so many other women in the same position.

Laura shares her story almost a decade ago she said ‘ I lay dying in the bathtub at my house in London. It was January the 4th, not very original, early January is notorious for depression, S attempts and couples breaking up.

I had drunk half a bottle of Patron Tequila, taken about 50 milligrams of Valium and S my wrists up the vein with a razor blade. When my best friend couldn’t get hold of me she called the Paramedics and Police at the same time, I couldn’t tell you who arrived first or who dragged me from the crimson bath. My friend told me later she’d been informed I was a minute from death.

I spent three days in the Psychiatric unit at Roehampton Hospital London. Whilst they had been sewing up my wrists at the Chelsea and Westminster hospital. The first thing I discovered was that I could not leave, not because I was sectioned but because of a cunning little method, they employ to keep you there until they think you are mentally fit to leave. So, it goes like this; I was there voluntarily, I was not sectioned, but if I tried to leave before they said I was fit to go, guess what? they would section me.

I was released on Monday, after being clinically assessed, and diagnosed with a good old-fashioned ‘nervous breakdown’ caused by the onset of the Menopause and my relationship ending. My partner had left me and my daughter, packing his bags and going to stay with friends of mine on December the 19th. I was unable to cope with this at the onset of the Menopause and along with a couple of other heart breaking incidents had meant I had got to the end of my rope and truly believed everyone, including my daughter was better off without me.

Listen to the podcast to hear how she overcame and became such a success.

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