S6:E34 – Genshin Impact Login Opening


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Soothing music time approaches. It means you’re about to play a game. A Genshin game, maybe. You feel at peace with the world. All is well. The bridge is being made as you walk towards your 10-pull of anime husbandos and waifus. But a thought crosses your mind: Where is Boston, really? Is it like… North? North-ish? Somewhere up there. You think about how you used to do real well at geography. You could beat Mario is Missing like a speedrunner. You got, like, third at that elementary school Geography Bee, man! Where did it go wrong? Was it the Sunsphere? I bet it was the Sunsphere. Obsessed with it, you are. Always hanging out on the edge of your peripheral. Waiting. Firing. No. Wait. Is it firing? Is the Sunsphere Weaponized? Screw this. I’m going back to Chipotle.

John Hurst is your host and he has a high concept for a new podcast. Aaron Littleton is your co-host and he’s ready to discuss those memory mapper chips we promised we would talk about.

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