Digital-First Future and the “Data flywheel”: How Can Pharma Use the Combination of Data, AI, and Content to Drive Successful Product Launches with Scott Snyder, Chief Digital Officer at EVERSANA


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  • What is the best way to orchestrate personalized digital experiences for HCPs and patients?
  • What is the “data flywheel,” and how can it give pharma companies a competitive advantage?
  • Who is better suited for the digital-first future, large pharma companies or smaller, first-time launchers?
  • Why is starting with the user imperative for the digital-first future?
To answer these questions, Bozidar is joined by Scott Snyder, Chief Digital Officer at EVERSANA.

They cover:

👉 [ 00:01:25 ] - Patients and HCPs want to interact digitally. Those expectations have made their way into healthcare and life sciences and were accelerated by COVID. Also, life science companies have reduced access to HCPs and have to find other ways to interact or engage with them than the traditional ways
👉 [ 00:03:12 ] - Most advancements in AI and pharma have happened on the R&D side, like drug discovery, clinical trials, and finding patients for those trials
👉 [ 00:04:19 ] - One of the biggest myths many people believe about omnichannel is that it is only a tech or digital instrument companies use to push content or ads at people. Also, some assume you can simply take your existing content and use it in an omnichannel world
👉 [ 00:06:52 ] - Use content to convey knowledge to an end user. In the consumer world, users choose their content format to solve their own problem of getting some piece of knowledge so that they can apply it. Think of your content in terms of helping your end-user solve these problems. That is where personalization really drives what your content should look like
👉 [ 00:11:53 ] - Digital is nothing and has no impact without data. Everything from finding and identifying target patients or HCPs to driving the right experience at the right time is data-driven. Think about the data flywheel concept, where you deliver an experience, measure the outcomes, gather feedback, and see how you can improve them over time. Pharma needs to set up the data flywheel and measure those experiences across all channels. Then continue improving those experiences through more personalization and a better model

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