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Abundance through Instability and Loss with Homeschooler and Investment-Club Creator Emma Powell > Emma Powell is a wife, mother, homeschooler of 6, and commercial real estate investor in Utah who has been featured in Business Insider and who has appeared as guest on over 40 podcasts, including the BiggerPockets podcast. However, this is the first podcast where Emma was brought to tears.

Marcus Ross: From Pain and Divorce to Self-Discovery and Entrepreneurship with Purpose > Marcus Ross, founder and owner of Ready to Heal Counselling (now Men’s Elevate Counseling), joins Jamie to discuss his journey from adversity to self-discovery, healing and purpose. Marcus shares how his own pain ignited a desire to help other men struggling with similar life challenges and inspired him to launch his business, Ready to Heal Counseling. He highlights the importance of being aware that children pattern their behavior and coping skills from what they see their parents exhibiting. Additionally, he explains why it is crucial for personal growth and emotional development to re-evaluate our choices and take responsibility for the unfavorable outcomes that occur in our relationships.

David Dodge: From Drugs and Crime to a Second Chance and $20k per Month from Rental Properties > David Dodge, real estate investor, coach, and host of the Discount Property Investor podcast, joins Jamie to discuss his journey from drugs, crime and facing time in prison to becoming a successful real estate investor with 90 rental properties and counting. The tragedy and trials faced during the first two decades of his life positioned him to maximize his second chance and develop into a wholesaling and discount property investing expert.

Dan Haberkost: Shedding a Scarcity Mindset and Finding Success in Land Investing by Age 26 > Dan Haberkost, CEO of Front Range Land, joins Jamie to discuss how he overcame the fear-based scarcity mindset he developed in his childhood and has become a successful land investor and developer at only 26 years old. Having the wrong money mindset can be crippling and he shares what’s required to override it with an abundance mindset to experience financial freedom.

From Scarcity to Abundance through Real Estate with Millionaire Immigrant, Veteran, and Author Maricela Soberanes > Maricela Soberanes, principal at UP Plex Capital, apartment syndicator and author, joins Jamie to discuss her remarkable journey from poverty and scarcity in Mexico to privilege and abundance in America. She shares how her real estate journey began in 2006 investing in a single family home and has expanded into owning multiple apartments in five states with her husband.

From Life Support and Job Loss to Starting Businesses from a Wheelchair with Self-Storage Expert AJ Osborne > AJ Osborne, founder and CEO of Cedar Creek Wealth, joins Jamie to discuss his success investing in self-storage and the health scare that altered his life overnight. As a pioneer in the self-storage industry since 2004, he expounds on the potential for growth and expansion in the industry. He also shares how he balances his many successes with the frightening reality he faced at age 33 when he suddenly became paralyzed and on life support due to a rare autoimmune disorder.

Climbing Rocks -- Not the Corporate Ladder: How and Why Kevin Dahlstrom Walked Away from a 7-Figure Job > Kevin Dahlstrom, founder of Swell, joins Jamie to discuss how he escaped a tumultuous upbringing, overcame a decade-long health challenge, and achieved the career success that millions dream of. Yet, it was at the height of his career when he experienced a level of unfulfillment he couldn’t ignore. Despite warnings from his friends and family, he decided to leave his corporate career behind, move his family to Colorado, and do a life reset. After a few short weeks of retirement, Kevin founded Swell, a financial app that aims to revolutionize traditional banking and helps its community grow their wealth.

How Brian Davies Redefined His Purpose through Severe Health Challenges and Played for the USA Amputee Hockey Team > Former college athlete Brian Davies joins Jamie to discuss how an unpredictable illness derailed his career and led him to face the toughest physical and mental challenges of his life. He even lost his lower leg. He reveals the impact isolation can have and why it’s important to have a support system of family and friends to help us overcome the obstacles we face in life. The world offers us all a lot of opportunities and sharing our story with others is one that we must take full advantage of. Brian firmly believes it is the stories that others will tell about us and how we’ve impacted their lives that will live on and help more people than we can imagine.

From Living in Her Car to Living on Her Own Island and Making a Global Impact with Britnie Turner > Britnie Turner, founder of Aerial Group, joins Jamie to discuss how she started her career living in her car and now lives, runs seven companies, and operates a resort on a private island located in the British Virgin Islands committed to helping people heal and discover their purpose in life. Starting with no real estate experience she worked tirelessly to build a successful real estate business that would allow her to help suffering children around the world. She shares how we all have a purpose in life, why it’s imperative that we challenge our concept of what’s normal and push ourselves to do great things that will have a positive impact on the lives of other people. She firmly believes that problems are something we can’t escape in life and should aim to learn and grow from them every day.

Still Standing, Still Smiling: How John Kriesel Lives with Purpose and Joy After a Near-Death Experience in Iraq > John Kriesel, motivational speaker at Still Standing LLC, joins Jamie to discuss how a near-death IED attack in Iraq changed his life forever. After losing two of his best friends and as well as both of his legs, he realized the value in getting a second chance at life and committed himself to live purposefully and helping others do the same. Despite the adversities faced on the battlefield and going through a divorce, he credits them for making him stronger, enabling him to meet his wife, and living a life that he enjoys. Even though there may be things in our past we wish were different, John shares why he is a firm advocate of living life with no regrets.

Finding Culinary and Real Estate Success After Military Service Left him Blind and Deaf with Aaron Hale > Aaron Hale, U.S. military veteran, entrepreneur, and real estate investor, joins Jamie to discuss how he overcame losing his sight from an IED explosion in Afghanistan. He goes on to describe how, after several years of rehabilitation, he contracted bacterial meningitis, which also almost killed him but did cost him his hearing. Despite all the struggles and the darkness that he faced with this extreme adversity, he never let it define him. Among many other successful ventures, Aaron went on to create Extra Ordinary Delights, a fudge and chocolate company. He is now a proud husband and father of three, as well as successful business owner and real estate investor. He shares his incredible journey and explains why he is not afraid to fail.

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