Ancient Roman Phallus Carving, Interstate Alfredo Spill, & A Carjacking Coitus Interruptus


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A record-breaking carving of male manhood has been uncovered & my Insane FL Nephew, "Pancho Guero", has the cold, hard, facts! Italian food lovers wept over spilled Alfredo sauce that creamed I-55 in Memphis, TN. Nothing kills a romantic mood like a carjacking & "Pancho" has the stupid situation one couple found themselves in when they were at the height of romance! The stupid truck has delivered another load...

  • The Trailer for "Winnie the Pooh: Blood & Honey" Is Out;
  • Study finds: Men happier in relationships when they think they’re funnier;
  • Carjackers interrupt couple having sex, leave them naked in the streets;
  • Firefighters find ‘unusual smell’ aboard plane—was bottle of nail polish;
  • Cop Arrested for Posing…as a Cop;
  • Can You Puke on Command? If So, This Company Is Hiring:
  • A Guy Broke into an Animal Shelter & Let The Dogs Out;
  • Japanese Government Struggles To Get Rid Of The Floppy Disk;
  • Iowa town Can't Find Their time capsule;
  • Rudest Cities in America Include Philadelphia (& Philly Has Beef with It);
  • Woman Calls 911...Because She Was Stuck Upside-Down at the Gym;
  • An Intruder Was Caught with His Pants Down While Charging His Phone;
  • Pilot Threatens to Turn Plane Around if People Didn't Stop AirDropping Nude Pics;
  • Cabbage Patch Kids hospital where dolls ‘give birth’ & get adopted freaks woman out;
  • A Guy Met Up with His Ex to Get Money for the Tires She Slashed...& She Stabbed Him;
  • Brilliant or STUPID? Putting Your Toilet Seat in the Dishwasher;
  • CT Man Apprehended After Masturbating While Skateboarding Along Trails.

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