Kim Kardashian's new PE firm & impact on VC + how Amazon can turn a profit on Rings of Power | E1555


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First up, J+M discuss Kim Kardashian's new PE firm and break down what this means for the broader private investing industry (2:29). Then, Lon Harris joins the show to break down the controversy, history, and math around Amazon's Rings of Power series (25:58).

(0:00) Today's segments!

(2:29) J+M break down SKKY Partners, Kim Kardashian's new PE firm!

(12:04) OpenPhone - Get an extra 20% off any plan for your first 6 months at

(13:34) Has VC entered the public consciousness? Will VC see more high profile celebrities crossing over and starting funds? Is this the future of VC?

(24:54) Helpware - Go to to get $1000 off your first invoice

(25:58) Lon joins to break down Amazon's Rings of Power taking over online discourse, but first they talk about Twitter being a net negative for society

(36:00) Policygenius - Go to to get a free life insurance quote

(37:26) Lon explains controversy in Tolkien fandom, the trio gives quick reviews for Rings of Power and House of the Dragon

(54:50) Bezos's vanity play, how Amazon can turn a profit on Rings of Power




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