A.C. GRAYLING: How to have your own life philosophy


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If only we all learned to think more we might solve the problems of the world. This is a thesis British philosopher A.C. Grayling has devoted much of his life to via his 40-odd books, the philosophy college he founded in London and his engagement in global debates on euthanasia, the existence God, Brexit and beyond. In his latest book, For the Good of the World, he applies it to the challenge of achieving global agreement to solve the various global catastrophes we have created.

In this fun chat we talk “Graylings Law”, the “hard problem” of consciousness and why tech bros and young men love stoicism; I present him with the ethical quandary of putting lentils in SUV tyre valves as an act of global good; and he shows us how to develop our own life philosophy…by loving, engaging in and wrestling with thinking. He also leaves us with some wild quotes and reads and wisdoms with which to start the process.

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